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Top Tips For Summer Beauties By Makeup Guru – Megz

Top Tips For Summer Beauties By Makeup Guru – Megz
MBL Editors

Hot Beauty

Summer is upon us! Soothing warm sun on our necks. Long blustery days and warm nights. So if you can’t stand the heat, well you know what to do. Yet, if you want to look good doing it, no matter what, Megz tell you how.


MBL: How do you keep your make-up fresh on the hottest days?

On hot days its always great to go light with makeup.  I personally like to use a light foundation such as a powder, tinted moisturizer or BB cream and just a little concealer.

MBL: What are some quick make-up fixes for summer heat disasters?

Blotting sheets are great during warm days. This helps avoid having to reapply makeup on warm days.

MBL: Should you wear make-up to the beach?

Beach and swim make up do and don’ts

I believe you can wear light fresh natural looking makeup to the beach. The key is to wear natural colors to avoid looking over done.



Always use sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher.
Wear a nice hat to help protect your skin.
Make sure your make up is water resistant.
Wear natural neutral looking eyeshadows such as browns, light shimmery golds, peaches etc.
If you choose to wear blush make sure it’s a nice natural looking color such as oranges, corals or reds depending on your skin tone.
If liner is used make sure it’s used with a light hand.
Wear a water proof mascara to avoid running from swear or water.
Use hydrating lip balms with SPF.

If you wish to wear lipgloss or lipstick try using natural tones.


Avoid wearing heavy makeup. At the beach you do not want to look over done.
Avoid layering on too much eyeliner or mascara. In the heat it can start to run and look clumpy.