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Til Death Do Us Part……Or Until I Get Tired Of You!

Til Death Do Us Part……Or Until I Get Tired Of You!
MBL Editors

A Christian questions modern love

By Blair Nash

You can’t squeeze toothpaste back in the tube – OR CAN YOU?

With over ½ of married couples eventually splitting for good…divorce has become a widespread reality. US Law differs from state to state, but the most commonly accepted grounds for divorce are adultery, physical incapacity, drunkenness/drug abuse, desertion or cruel treatment.

In these very individualistic, self-driven modern times, it seems that many couples will go their separate ways for even minor offenses, such as putting the wrong grade of gas in their mate’s car. If I’m unhappy for any reason, I’ll simply leave the marriage. “For richer or poorer” has sadly been replaced with “For richer and less rich”. Being able to weather the difficult times? Not even on the radar. Partners use the rationale that they “fell out of love”, or may use the even more self-serving excuse of “they’d be happier without me.”

In the U.S. 77% of people identify themselves as Christian, according to a recent Gallup poll. Yet, the Bible and/or Jesus has been said to allow divorce only for adultery and possibly “abandonment by a nonbeliever” according to 1 Cor. 7:12-15. No other exceptions! So how are modern couples reconciling their religious beliefs with their individual personal drives?

There are those of us who longingly reference “the good ol days” when people worked it out and marriages survived for decades. We genuinely admire couples that put God and family first and kept from giving into their own individual desires. But those relationships also had the support of the church and communities in which they resided. For the most part, those structured environments no longer exist. In many modern marriages, couples are living with a completely new set of social and inter-personal rules. These new and unchartered grounds can shake the foundation of any relationship – however….true love, loyalty, and resilience separates the true “contenders” from the “pretenders”.

If you’re in a union that’s experiencing problems, ask yourself: “Are these serious principle issues?” Are these disagreements about core values? Do we share each others core values and beliefs? Perhaps you’re looking to make that leap from dating and make this person your mate forever. If so, have you asked your partner serious and substantive questions about their belief systems?

One of the reasons for the high rate of divorce is many people should not have been married in the first place. They were driven together solely by passion. You must look in the mirror and earnestly say: “How did I come to love this person?” “Am I prepared for the difficulties that may lie ahead? More importantly – am I willing to commit with unyielding dedication to this marriage and everything it symbolizes?”

If not – the two of you have some very uncomfortable questions to discuss. Hopefully BEFORE an elaborate unthought out walk down the aisle. ~BN~


Blair Nash

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