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The Entrepreneurial Spirit – Jhonn De La Puente Creates A Celluar Vision

The Entrepreneurial Spirit – Jhonn De La Puente Creates A Celluar Vision
MBL Editors

Ringing Up Creative Solutions

Mayor Bloomberg knows what good for you. As with most of the Mayor’s quality of life initiatives, I agree with his ban of cell phones in schools. Why do 10 year olds need cell phones in institutions of learning?

Today kids cannot be without their mobile phones for more than a few minutes. Therefore since the school phone ban became strictly enforced in 2006, small businesses in urban communities have stepped in as storage ports for mobile phones. Delis, bodegas and other local shops have been holding phones for city teens for years. From this need, Jhonn De La Puente, created an innovative solution with Safe ‘n’ Secure mobile phone storage in 2011.


Mr. De la Puente exudes old school charm. Tall, with bright eyes and an engaging smile, he immediately puts you at ease. His pleasant demeanor helps him in working with urban teenagers and also creating a sense of trust for kids to leave their cherished phone in his care.

The Safe ‘n’ Secure van is equipped with three security cameras. The tight security is needed as the van stores on average 100 mobile devices a day. For one dollar kids can leave their phones before school and retrieve them once they leave.

De la Puente offers a desired service and kids are happy to have their phones to stay connected to friends and family without a minute wasted un-connected.  Mr. De la Puente has a second van in the pipe line and is featured in a New Yorker article about creative New York businesses.

Banner Photo: New Yorker Magazine

  • atlmom5

    Now I’m not for small children having cell phones, but I do understand why they have them. Many people don’t have home phones anymore and if you have a 10 year old child, who happens to be a latchkey kid then it makes sense for your child to have a cell phone. My oldest child didn’t get a phone until her 16th birthday and my husband and I will do the same for our other four children too.

    The Safe and Secure van is a wonderful idea and a great price. It’s a win-win for everyone. Teachers will surely love the fact that students aren’t trying to sneak their phones to play a game or do whatever on them during learning time, but we’ll see what the future holds for this company. It seems like it can make it, but I can also see how it could struggle in our economy too.