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Full Frontal Denmark – Full Frontal Harlem?

Full Frontal Denmark – Full Frontal Harlem?
MBL Editors

Full Frontal Harlem?

“I believe that a woman’s body is thirsting for a man’s words.” Thomas Blachman

The sheer arrogance of that line never fails to amuse me. Mr. Blachman is certainly entertaining.

There has been a whirlwind of controversy across Europe surrounding Blachman’s new Danish TV show entitled, what else but, Blachman.  On the show two fully clothed men sit on a leather sofa on a darkened sound stage assessing the body of a naked woman.

The concept is to discuss womens bodies with women present, yet the woman/model is not allowed to speak.

Womens groups among others have described the show as chauvinistic, misogynistic and demeaning to women. The shows host, Thomas Blachman says the show is simply exposing how men really think.

According to Blachman, in modern Denmark where there are strict laws supporting equal opportunities, men have become emasculated by powerful women and silenced under a veil of political correctness. He says he is giving men a forum to speak openly about womens bodies. If the above is true, is an answer to those concerns to show men judging the bodies of nude women. Does that in anyway give voice to men? This was very interesting to me as I don’t know any men reluctant to speak openly about womens bodies. I live in New York. The men I know speak freely and say what they please about womens bodies, no matter how harsh.

Clearly, things must be different in Denmark

“It’s not reality TV!” protests Blachman. “And it’s poetry, not porn.”

Blachman who is seeking to shop his show in America, has not won any friends among early reviews. He is described by the New York Daily News as “puerile and pot-bellied”, “smarmy, bald and bloated” and further as “the ugliest thing on the air anywhere”.

Huffington Post Live host called the show “blatantly offensive” and “ridiculous”.

In watching the show, Blachman does come across as smug and arrogant, but I think that is part of his schtick and also why many people find the show so distasteful. What is more interesting to me, is that the Danish public is so comfortable with nudity and sexuality that the show can exist and further on Public Broadcasting. I find that very refreshing. I think the human body is beautiful and being able to view it as not solely sexual is a step in the right direction.

But even in Denmark or Northern Europe, could women create a program where they critiqued men’s bodies? I think such a show could be created in Northern Europe but like women in most other parts of the world, I don’t think Danish women would take time out of their day to sit down and spend 30 minutes look at a naked man. One or two shows is enough and we got it!

Knowing the stereotype of the over-sexed black man and the sexually available black woman, could this show or concepts like this ever be replicated by black people?

Imagine a panel of two-three black women fully clothed sitting on a panel discussing the body of a naked man and he is not allowed to speak, now that would be interesting.

What do you ladies think? Could a panel like this happen in NY? Even a one-time event, could this show be re-created with an all black panel?


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