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The Unstoppable Whitney Mitchell Triumphs Over Tragedy

The Unstoppable Whitney Mitchell Triumphs Over Tragedy
MBL Editors

Unstoppable and Spirited

By Yvette Brown

We recently were fortunate to speak with Whitney Mitchell, the quadruple amputee who lost her limbs at 18 due to a sepsis infection that ravaged her body cutting off blood flow to her limbs.

At 21, Whitney has an amazingly positive spirit and she is working on her future not letting the unimaginably difficult events of her past define her life.

Whitney says “I’m grateful that I’m alive, that I get to live my life, Each moment I never take for granted.”

Whitney is a writer, she blogs, creates video journal and works on organizing acquiring the prosthetic limbs that will help her walk again. She seeks to be a fashion designer and also a motivational speaker and help other teens and young people who are experiencing difficult times in their lives. With the un-wavering support of her mother, Patricia Kirven, family, friends and loved ones Whitney is moving forward. We seek to have more of this wonderful young woman’s story in the future.

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MBL: We see that you are doing an amazing job of coping with a difficult situation. Please tell us about some of the advances in medicine that are helping amputees today?

Prosthesis today help people who have lost their limbs to be active again, they have developed arms that have individually moving fingers. There are also legs that function just like anybody else’s legs but it takes hard work and determination; “cheetah legs” allow you to be able to run; runners in the Para-Olympics use them also. Prosthetics really help people live their lives to the fullest.

for-whitney-a-speak-hope-projectMBL: In our research we saw there are now prosthesis that have a more natural color to match dark or brown skin, that sounds really helpful. 

Yes, there are many prosthetic’s that look very realistic. They can match anyone’s skin tone. I actually have prosthetic arms that look so realistic, they have veins and everything. They are so detailed and look just like my real hands it’s amazing. I even had my fingernails painted purple.

MBL: Well that is really great to hear.

MBL: Have you been able to return to school and if so, what are your career goals?

No I have not, but I would like to go in the fall. I’m planning on going to school for fashion design. I’ve always loved fashion, so I would love to have my own fashion line someday.

MBL:  We’ll be looking for the Whitney Mitchell line in 2020!

MBL: You have been very open about the wonderful support your partner has given you during this difficult stage. Having love and support is essential in recovery, can you speak to that?

My Fiancé has been through so much with me. I couldn’t imagine doing any of this without him. Without his love and support, everything that I have had to go through would have been much more difficult.

MBL: If you could live anywhere in the world…where would that be?

I would really like to visit California and possibly move there. I see myself traveling the world and experiencing so many things and sharing my story so that I can help motivate others and show them that nothing can limit you from what you want to do in your life.

MBL: We see that happening for you as well. Your spirit is amazing and we would like as many people as possible to hear your words!

  • Lorraine Spencer

    Fabulous interview! Whitney is pretty special, her mom too!