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The $1200 Hair Cut – Will You Be In Line For A Bit of Ted Gibson Glam?

The $1200 Hair Cut – Will You Be In Line For A Bit of Ted Gibson Glam?
MBL Editors

A Cut Above

Ted Gibson is a name that has been on the lips of Hollywood celebs for the last few years as the go to guy for a great hair style.

Known for his makeovers on TLC’s “What Not To Wear”, Gibson recently raised his signature style and cut fee at his New York salon from $950 to $1200 as bookings continued to soar.

In addition to his Fifth Avenue salon, Gibson recently partnered with the W hotel to open a large salon in Fort Lauderdale.

Though I can’t imagine anyone who has $900 to pay for a cut, balking at $1200, I am not sure I would take the dive at either of those rates. Yet Ted does make a doll look fab. Everyone from the ‘hood to Wall Street knows that beauty and beauty products are recession proof. No matter how broke a girl is, she’ll still spend on beauty. Those with long dollars will extend themselves very far if they feel someone holds the key to a fabulous look. And those who walk though Mr. Gibson’s doors believe he holds the key.

tedgibson2Mr. Gibson’s skill and the trust that his clients have in his ability to deliver the wonderful has propelled him into the star stylist strata. What makes his rise even more incredible is that he is a black gay male in a field formerly dominated by white men. The names we all know, Frederick Fekkai, Andy LeCompte, John Frieda and Vidal Sassoon have all created beauty empires with signature products and accessories with Euro sounding names and big personalities.

Gibson who has a very warm and homey sort of charm, now has a line of products as well. He also offers classes and instruction in both New York and Florida. Gibson is also a rarity as he can work with  both afro textured and caucasian hair with ease. I am not aware of any other well known stylist who is as adept with a variety of hair textures. Gibson is on a path to the future of hair styling.

See below and get a feel for the new Gibson girl.!


From Ted Gibson Beauty: Ted Gibson is one of the most sought-after editorial, runway, and celebrity hair stylists in the business.  His work has appeared in publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar,Elle, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, People StyleWatch, W, and Allure and backstage at runway shows such as Chanel, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana.  He is also a huge influence and presence at both Fall and Spring New York Fashion Week styling some of the top American fashion designer labels including Rachel Roy, Carmen Marc Valvo and Lela Rose.  Ted is perhaps most known for toiling over the tresses of top celebrities including Anne Hathaway, Debra Messing, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Greene, Joy Bryant, Zoe Saldana, Emma Watson, Gabrielle Union and many more. 

Considering his background, it’s not surprising that Ted’s incredibly successful Flatiron salon is frequented by models, actresses, fashion and beauty insiders and influential women who love its modern vibe and its discreet, down-to-earth flavor of chic.  The new Fort Lauderdale, Florida Salon located in the W Hotel is slated to open November 2011 and the newest venture for the Ted Gibson brand.  Ted is also the resident hair guru on TLC’s “What Not To Wear” airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST and responsible for the participants life-changing makeovers. 

Ted Gibson

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