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Follicle – New Documentary About Hair and Imagery

Follicle – New Documentary About Hair and Imagery
MBL Editors

New Film – Follicle

The recent movement towards more natural hair styles among women of color throughout the Diaspora has spawned many great things in addition to healthier hair and re-invigorated self-esteem for some. It has also spurred creative people to question black people’s definition of beauty, especially with respect to our hair.

Hair is one of the most easily identifiable aspects of one’s appearance. It holds great importance in our minds and according to Western social norms helps to define a woman’s beauty and stature in society.

There are many new art projects that question Western and European beauty norms and how they affect people of color. Follicle is one such project that holds great promise. Rhadamés Julián’s pitch is very charming, sincere and well put together. Check below and GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, if you got it!

Follicle Facebook

From Follicle’s Indiegogo:

I’m Rhadamés Julián, the director of Follicle. Follicle is a documentary-hybrid film that will look at the past, present and hopefully the future of people of color as they explore the barriers between them and their true identities.

Follicle will look at the origins of the standardization of beauty by focusing on the barriers of HAIR and IMAGERY, which together have historically and currently fueled a false beauty standard.  We imagine a future where people of color will not have to measure themselves against a Eurocentric standard of beauty. Instead they will be able to look at themselves and admire, accept then celebrate that which is natural. Follicle is our passion project, our grassroots attempt to make this future an actualized reality. 

Your support and contributions will help us to unravel centuries of misinformation and miseducation and to help construct a movement based on new ideals. 


  • Edens Sahara

    An interesting and worthwhile documentary for sure. Africans are the ONLY race out of the five races to have AFRO HAIR and yet instead of embracing this unique quality about us, we have been trained to oppose our natural selves to appease Western society.

    I do not believe that Aborigines, Indians, Asians and Europeans came from Africans neither do I believe that these other races have a connection to Africa. The common thought which claims… ‘there is just ONE human race and so we are all connected’ is simply a tactical trick that allows other races to lay claim on the African continent and its priceless resources, but that’s a whole other story.