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Electric Vehicle Update – Volt, LEAF & Prius All Set Sales Records, First Lat BMW i8

Electric Vehicle Update – Volt, LEAF & Prius All Set Sales Records, First Lat BMW i8
MBL Editors

Chevrolet Volt Sets All Time Monthly Sales Record,  While LEAF & Prius Have Personal Bests In August. 

Also: First look at BMW i8, CA HOV Stickers Program Extended, Detroit Electric Goes To Holland, And The End Of Gas Vehicles all from Inside EVs.

Chevrolet Volt Sets All-Time Monthly Record For Sales In August

As foreshadowed by GM North America President Mark Reuss, the Chevrolet Volt beat its best result, set last October (2,961) this month. In fact, it set the all-time monthly record for plug-in sales of any car with 3,351 sold in August, which was an increase of 18.4% over August of 2012 when 2,831 Volts were sold. […]

Nissan LEAF Sales Set All-Time Record in August 2013

“LEAF set an all-time record in August at 2,420, up 253.3 percent year over year.” That’s the news sent to us via Nissan just moments ago and though it’s short of the Chevy Volt’s chart-topping 3,000-plus units, the LEAF is comfortably in second place in the YTD ranks and August seems to be shaping up […]

August 2013 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

The best month on record for selling plug-in vehicles in any country was December of 2012 in the United States, with 8,559 vehicles sold…that is, until now. Thanks to a world-beating, record month at Chevy dealerships moving the Volt, a personal best for the Nissan LEAF and Toyota crushing their year-high on the Prius PHV, […]


Welcome Back Toyota: Prius Plug-In Sales Soar to Near Record Levels in

Unlike the all-time record for plug-in sales sold in a month set today with the Chevrolet Volt, or the personal best set by Nissan in August, we have to admit we did not see this coming. Toyota sold 1,791 Prius plug-in hybrids in August; that is a little less than a hundred off their all-time high […]

California’s Green and White HOV Sticker Program to be Extended Through 2019

Yellow is out, but green and white will remain until 2019. We’re talking about California’s HOV access stickers and it seems they’ll be sticking around until at least 2019. California’s state legislature recently passed a bill that will extended those green stickers for plug-in hybrids and white stickers for electrics for three more years (the […]


Official Images of Production BMW i8 Leak Out Ahead of Debut

While the BMW i8 is not to be officially unveiled until September 10, it looks like a media outlet (Autoblog Deutschland) in Germany jumped the gun and published out some images ahead of schedule. We are here to now pass those images along to you. Isn’t modern-day media sweet?


At $100/kWh It Is “All Over” For The Internal Combustion Engine – Energy Expert

We know that as costs for batteries have come down, the costs of plug-in cars have followed suit. When was the last time the MSRP on a strictly fossil fuel vehicle came down by $5,000 like the Chevrolet Volt did this month?  Or the $4,000 off the Focus Electric?  Or the $6,400* off Nissan LEAF?  (*-with a little […]

Detroit Electric to Shift SP:01 Production From Detroit to Holland

“We are Detroit Electric, not London Electric. Our commitment to the city of Detroit, the state of Michigan and the United States is as strong as it ever was. While there have been some delays in our plan to start production in Detroit, many programs experience some form of delay.” Says Detroit Electric CEO Albert […]