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300 Sandwiches, A Ring, A Blonde and A Salivating Audience

300 Sandwiches, A Ring, A Blonde and A Salivating Audience
MBL Editors

Hooked with a sandwich?

By Eva Keane

Recently, beautiful NY Post writer, Stephanie Smith shared her romantic culinary journey of preparing 300 sandwiches for her beau…..and the “internets” went wild!

You all know it did!

The NY Post headline blared “I’m 124 Sandwiches Away From An Engagement Ring”

Ms. Smith further wrote:

“My boyfriend, Eric, is the gourmet cook in our relationship, but he’d always want me to make him a sandwich,” she wrote. “‘Sandwiches are love,’ he says. “‘Especially when you make them. You can’t get a sandwich with love from the deli.'”

Well, it seems, the writer framed the story in a way that made it seem that the meals were part of a tactic to secure a request of marriage…..or the golden ring. That seemed dated and desperate. Feminists were aghast.


After the overheated “internets” cooled, Smith explained the sandwich/proposal quip was a joke all in light-hearted fun and her boyfriend does most of the cooking in the home.

“……..if he wasn’t the kind of guy that was worth one sandwich, I wouldn’t be making 300 sandwiches,” she said. “And plus it was a joke. It was light, it’s funny. Come on, it’s a sandwich. It’s supposed to be just lighthearted.”

Yet, how could a New York Post writer, not know how the above would have been initially perceived? The newspaper famous for their salacious and tacky headlines, one of the most unforgettable, “Headless Man in Topless Bar”. The New York Post is not The Economist but they know what sells papers and ad space.

And I do believe, Ms. Smith sure knows how to cook up controversy.

I have to say, it was all very tasty indeed. The “internets” and Black Twitter seemed most offended by the fact her boyfriend did not look like The Rock, with many posts adamantly declaring he was gay.

My favorite of those posts were those that wrote some variation of…” I don’t know who this this supposedly handsome Alexander Skarsgård is, but I can bet this dude doesn’t look like him”!

All in all, it was a fun diversion that kept us from talking about truly important things for just a bit longer.

Books got to be sold, baby. I can’t wait for the follow-up, “300 Sandwiches Served in Lingerie”



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Photo Credit : NY Post