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SYDs List – Leaf College Savings

SYDs List – Leaf College Savings
Sidney Evans

Get Your Finances On The Right Track For Your Child’s College Education

By Sidney Evans

According to a recent study done by the Center for Social Development, a child with any amount of college savings is seven times more likely to attend college.

Long Term Education Alternative Financing or LEAF as it is commonly referred is out to make the process of college savings seamless. Their mission is simple yet ambitious:”To empower the over 70 million children in the U.S. with the opportunity to obtain a college education and participate in the “American Dream.”

Making the American Dream Happen

chrisleaf1The company’s founder, Christian Duffus, is no stranger to thinking big armed with an MBA from University of Virginia’s illustrious Darden School of Business as well as the ability to call John Kluge & Goldman Sachs former employers.

SYDsLIST: What is your Unique Selling Position?

LEAF: We provide assurance that the funds go towards college savings. There is currently a lot of friction in this process today; you can buy a book with one click how come you cannot save for college the same way — if this were the case many more kids would be going to college with less student loans.

SYDsLIST: 3 words that most embody the brand?

LEAF: Simple, Social and Secure.

SYDsLIST: What’s Next?

LEAF:  Good financial values is a big business opportunity. Stay tuned!

We look forward to the next venture from Mr. Duffus as his goal of creating sustainable systems that benefit humanity is an ambitious one and we like it!


To find more information on LEAF or to obtain a card, please contact them directly at:





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