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SYDsLIST: Bluefish Redefines The Concierge Model

SYDsLIST: Bluefish Redefines The Concierge Model
Sidney Evans

Bluefish Rising

SYDsLIST: BLUEFISH – How do you spell exclusive? B-L-U-E-F-I-S-H!

Pop quiz: Who do you call to arrange lunch for two at one of the Seven Wonders of the World, or reserve a suite at the Hotel Martinez during Cannes.

Try booking a safari at Kruger national Park replete with the most exclusive vintage available? If you said BLUEFISH, ding, ding – you would be absolutely CORRECT!

SteveSimsBluefish Concierge is the brainchild of founder and H.F.I.C. (Head Fish in Charge) – Steve Sims. He started the ultra exclusive concierge service in the late 90’s and it quickly became an underground secret society. I can personally attest that anyone who has met Steve will understand why, “blunt edged & bold faced” are utilized as adjectives to describe their approach. Without a doubt, Steve is one part rockstar, one part humanitarian and all parts BAD ASS, with his trademark beard in tow serving as a reminder that ego is not allowed.

Bluefish transforms the once in a lifetime experience into a normal occurrence for its uber-exclusive membership list – he wouldn’t even tell me.

They practically invented the term bespoke travel. The term, bespoke, is most commonly utilized in the fashion industry for the most discerning clients who seek to craft made-to-measure garments.

SYDsLIST: What is your Unique Selling Position?

Bluefish:  With our ability to escape the distractions of the plugged in world becoming harder and harder each day, the unique travel experience is suddenly becoming the one you can simply enjoy, embrace and reflect on in the moment, without worrying about the noise around you. This means the focus on bespoke travel at Bluefish can be shifted to more valuable aspects of trip planning, like conversing with a client in the exciting days leading up to an experience and offering added value to make sure they break free from those distractions and make the most of their trip. The experiences we offer are the unique selling position itself. We’re out to introduce our members with once-in-a-lifetime adventures they may never have even known about if it wasn’t for us.

SYDsLIST: 3 words that most embody the brand?

Bluefish: Blunt-edged. Bold-faced. Wow!

SYDsLIST: What’s Next?

Bluefish: The sky’s the limit for us as we expand the Bluefish brand with the launch of Taste of Blue ( TOB is accessible to anyone, unlike the Bluefish membership. We’re taking signature Bluefish- esque experiences and offering them to the masses in the form of a colorful online marketplace. These will be prepackaged to everyone, semi-customizable, and include everything from an L-39 edge-of-space flight to attending the Kentucky Derby in Millionaire’s Row. Our goal is to make it easier than ever to connect thrill-seeking individuals with exclusive events they never knew about through the TOB click-to-purchase website, the ultimate experiential go-to guide.

We are lucky that Taste of Blue is the next brand extension so we can all experience what it feels like to be a BLUEFISH in a small pond.





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Sidney Evans

Founder, BRAND:S and SYDsLISTglobal

Miami New York London

Twitter: @sydinc