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MBL Interviews Bright Newcomer Tumisola Ladega, 15 Year Old Creator and Designer of Tumilla

MBL Interviews Bright Newcomer Tumisola Ladega, 15 Year Old Creator and Designer of Tumilla
Jamari Hysaw

The Future of Fashion 

Fashion is fluid, there must always be new ideas, new forms and new palettes. Therefore there must be those who bring those new visions to life. One of those devisers is Tumisola Ladega.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tumisola Ladega, the 15-year-old designer of Tumilla, who recently showed her spring/summer 2014 collection at Lagos Fashion and Design Week. This year the extremely talented, young designer has also shown collections at London Fashion Week and Africa Fashion Week. I had a great time asking her about her designs, her inspiration, and her future goals, and she had some great answers.

Jamari:  Where did you get the inspirations for your designs for the SS2014 collection shown at Lagos Fashion week?

Tumisola: [The designs] were inspired by architecture, geometric shapes and patterns.

Jamari: Being so young, how do you balance school life and your growing career?

Tumisola: It is hard having to go to school through out the week. Whenever I have a collection, basically all the time, I will work during lunchtime. If I have a collection I’ll stay after school because we have machines and a textiles book. It is really hard and there are a lot of late nights, but it’s all worthwhile.

Jamari: Wow, that sounds challenging. I’m a senior in college and I’m not sure if I could balance all of that. Do you ever feel nervous or intimidated working in a field with designers that are usually twice your age?

Tumisola: To be honest I would say yes, it is really intimidating to be surrounded by so many older people with so much more experience. But at the same time being so young is kind of an advantage for me to be working with them. It reminds me that if I’m doing this well now then, when I’m thirty I’ll go even further.

Jamari: Will you describe a typical day for us?

Tumisola: I go to school, if I have any free periods and I haven’t got any homework I would go to the textile [room] and set up a machine and if I have any collections I would work on those. If I have any brainstorming or any ideas I would just sketch. Sometimes when I travel on the train after school, or if I’m on the train I always have a sketchpad. I’m one of those people that caries my sketchpad with me, it’s forever in my bag because I learned that you can get inspiration from anything. So I’ll just be on the train and I’ll pull out my sketchpad. When I get home, I do some homework and more sketching. When it comes to collections and ideas I think it’s really important to develop them because that’s the only way they can really get better. I do a lot of research into fashion weeks, fashion shows, I do a lot of online shopping. I have a blog as well where I post outfits and styles. Sometimes I come back after school and grab my sister, put together an outfit go outside and take a picture. That happened quite a lot at one point; she really got annoyed with me (laughs).

Jamari: Who are your style icons?

Tumisola: When it comes to style I really like Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, and Ciara. I follow so many fashion blogs, I like the ones that are simple but stylish.

Jamari: Where would you like to be in 10 years?

Tumisola: In 10 years I would like to have shown at all the major fashion weeks and still be showing at the major fashion weeks. I would want to have my own headquarters where all of my clothes are manufactured, a building specifically for Tumilla. I want to have at least one store in a major city, hopefully more than one. I really want to be dressing celebrities and meeting many editors and designers.

With all of her talent and passion, I can’t wait to see what else there is to come. I know she is a designer that I’ll be watching! Check out a few of her looks and designs below.

Jamari Hysaw

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