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Pathbrite Illuminates The Road to Success

Pathbrite Illuminates The Road to Success
MBL Editors

Pathbrite Illuminates By Yvette Brown

Heather Hiles wants to help you organize your life. Not in an Iyanla Vanzant sort of way, by giving you a shoulder to cry and therapy?

No, Hiles and her company Pathbrite offer a streamlined e-portfolio tool that helps you organize your skills, milestones, abilities and accomplishments into well-ordered folders.

Pathbrite offers you the therapeutic clarity of de-cluttering.

Heather Hiles, Founder and CEO of Pathbrite came to the company with a background in Social Service. She was Executive Director of Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund as well as a Commissioner of the San Francisco Unified School District. In addition, Hiles, was the CEO of SF Works, a welfare-to-work program under the Clinton administration that successfully trained and moved thousands of women into jobs. After spending a great deal of time working to help people re-structure their lives, she saw the value in e-portfolios and how they assisted in how people learned and retained information. Ms Hiles saw a need for an e-portfolio product that was easily available and user-friendly so she learned the basic coding necessary to create Pathbrite. Personally, I found that part of the Pathbrite story so inspiring. The idea that one sees a need and decides to  create a product that fulfills it. As a writer and blogger everyday I think of tools that could make my life easier, but the drive needed to actualize those thoughts is immense. For now, I can continue to write about those who are actually making things happen.

Pathbrite is being targeted to three main groups, individuals, educators and employers. Ms. Hiles sees Pathbrite as a viable tool for people of all ages, not solely for educators, institutions or job seekers. Pathbrite can help educators and instructors create templates that display their grading procedures, easily track the progress of their class and assess each student’s individual work.. It offers institutions the ability gain better insight into the performance and achievement of both individuals and groups.  And for individuals it can offer a place to catalog your life story and that could be an individual of 14 or 40.

A recent Fast Company article described Pathbrite as “Pinterest meest LinkedIn…..”. The best way to see how Pathbrite can present a full and vibrant picture of your abilities is by visiting Ms Hiles’s own page and viewing a portfolio she has made public where one can view her signing her first distribution deal with Pearson eCollege and McGraw Hill campus, see photos and video from speaking engagements as well as a few personal photos.


MBL: What does Pathbrite do and how can it benefit or add value to my life?

HH: Pathbrite is a portfolio learning platform. People can document and reflect what they are learning and achieving. You can tailor each portfolio as needed, It is more holistic and a can be a much better representation of your life work than a resume. It has been shown that  creating organizing portfolios improves course passage rates, writing proficiencies, metacognition and critical thinking skills.

Further, you can make as many tailored portfolios as needed for either professional or private life, you control the process and you then decide whether those portfolios are to be shared publicly or privately. And portfolios can be created at any age. You can have portfolios you create in high school which focuses on school life and of course over time that transitions as does your life towards marriage, career and thereafter.

MBL: How can I sign up? Is there a fee?

HH: There is no fee for individuals, one can visit our website at the link provided and easily create an account. We do charge institutions fees to buy licenses for students.

MBL: What is your vision for Pathbrite?

HH: We’ve just started to offer our portfolios to secondary institutions.

We believe that we are all, regardless of age or stage of life, are learning and growing. We imagine people of all ages having Pathbrite accounts for life to keep track of, showcase, and benefit from all of their achievements.

MBL: You can find out more about Pathbrite here.

Pathbrite Web

Pathbrite Facebook

Pathbrite Twitter


  Pathbrite Web Pathbrite Facebook Pathbrite Twitter

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    Outstanding! What an accomplished woman.