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Enjoying the Holidays and Staying Healthy and Fit with Celebrity Trainer Nicole Chaplin

Enjoying the Holidays and Staying Healthy and Fit with Celebrity Trainer Nicole Chaplin
MBL Editors

Enjoying and Staying on Track 

It’s that time again. The Holiday season. Large displays of food, Auntie ‘Shell’s sweet potatoe pie, relatives you havent seen all year, awkward re-connections and unresolved relationships. Holiday times can be very stressful. Try not to resort to food as comfort giver. We know some of you have relatives that can create amazingly enticing meals.They want you to eat, its a sign of love. Oh my do we know. FULL STOP!

Nicole Chaplin offers some tips to help you not to over indulge on the good times and great meals.

MBL: In the best of all possible worlds, we want to believe we will find time for exercise over the next 5 days, so please tell us ….How long after eating should one wait to exercise?

NC: Its best to plan your workout two to three hours after your meal. If you eat too much food right before you exercise you may feel lethargic and energy deprived which can lead to stomach discomfort. Your goal is to have a productive workout and eating to close to your exercise time can counteract against this.

MBL: Are there any traditional Holiday meal choices you would specifically avoid or eat only in moderation?

NC: I do not believe in depriving yourself but I am huge on moderation.

Since our sugar content goes up because of the extra treats, cookies, chocolates, and desserts around the Holiday season I would plan to eat clean at the engagements I am attending and leave a little room for self indulging. To curb the sweet tooth try to eat frozen yogurt and fruit cups to replace cookies and candy. Another wise replacement would be swap out slices of cake for mini cupcakes which have become more popular than ever. They have less calories and try not to eat all the icing especially if it contains a thick layer.


MBL: You look amazing. What type of diet do you follow to stay in such great shape? What is your work-out routine?

NC: Thank you for the compliment. I am a very simple eater. But here is a sample of what I eat but the juicing is mandatory for me.

I juice 6 times a week to help maintain my iron level:


Breakfast: My juice is mainly composed of dark greens:

kale, spinach, broccoli stalks, green apples, arugula, collard greens, limes, celery carrots, kiwi, zucchini, cucumbers, beets, radishes, and green peppers

Lunch: Baked chicken and brown rice and salad with sesame dressing or baked sweet potato with chicken

Dinner: Turkey, tuna, or chicken salad with light dressing

Workout schedule:

5 times a week I do cardio (the elliptical, stair climber, or cycling) 60 minutes

then 3 out of the 5 days I do (Crossfit in addition to the cardio) 60 minutes

*bonus days I dance for 60 minutes (this relaxes me and is also a form of letting loose)

MBL: Wow! Ok, we see the dedication. Juice, juice, juice! Yet, concerning exercise most readers will say, they are too busy to take time out of the day to complete an exercise routine. Please give you us some final tips for at home exercises that work?

NC: That is interesting because in my book “YES MAM!” Your Muscle as a Motivator I discuss making time for the things that are important to you and truthfully for all of us exercise should be included on that list but only if its something that means something to you.

3 simple exercises that can done at home:

  1. Body weight squats
  2. Push ups
  3. Planks

None of them require any equipment and are simple to do and doing 3 sets of each 15 – 20 reps is superb. For the planks the goal is to reach 1 minute but if you are not able to work your way up to 1 minute by doing 15 second increments. Then soon you will be able to do a minute plank and beyond. I am at 7 minutes and 30 seconds. I am impressed at that too. Haha!

MBL: Everyone want to know what’s fresh and new in fitness! What changes have you seen in the fitness industry? Are there any new methods or updates you think we should take note of?

NC: The major change I have seen in the fitness industry is the amount of individuals who are taking their health more serious and hiring personal trainers.

I also am noticing corporations are building gyms in their facilities for their employees or providing gym reimbursements to those who exercise at least 3 times a week. One thing I believe is important to pay attention to is your workout sneaker. There is a shoe that performs best for its specific sport or activity, i.e. running, cycling, weight lifting, CrossFit, dance, etc. so the better the shoe the safer and more enjoyable the exercise will be.

MBL: Yes, I try to choose a cross-trainer as I do a lot of aerobics and use the elliptical machines but also need a comfortable fit for running and hiking.

So in conclusion, Nicole thanks for the great Tips

NC: Thank you for allowing me to share my essence with your audience. Blessings.

MBL: Happy Holidays!



Fitness Enthusiast, Celebrity Trainer, Author and Model

instagram: nicolechaplin