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Holistic Nutritionist, Coach P. Gives Us A Plan To Cleanse and Detoxify

Holistic Nutritionist, Coach P. Gives Us A Plan To Cleanse and Detoxify
MBL Editors

Get Cleansed For The New Year!

Coach P. is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Green Living Coach.

In 2013 she founded Herbalosophy101- a holistic health and wellness Practice that specializes in nutrition coaching. Coach P. is an active member of WEGO Health and The American Nutrition Association. Coach P is also a sustainable food activist. She is a member of Food Democracy Now and Slow Foods USA. She fights for organic, fresh and whole foods for all.

Being effective in the health and wellness industry for over six years – her experience and continuous education has allowed her to properly inform and inspire. Coach P. is also a published writer. Her work can be seen on media outlets such as: American Nutrition Association’s blog, Yahoo healthy living, Afro Elle magazine, Jersey Girls Magazine, Biao Skincare website,, Pynk Magazine and she is a contributing expert for

Coach P. & MBL

MBL: What motivated you to get involved in health and nutrition?

CP: For years my family struggled with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and even cancer. I always knew God placed healing power in whole foods but I never knew the extent until my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I always thought healthy eating had a huge impact on healthy living but wasn’t aware of how necessary it was. My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 gastric cancer. She had faith in God and changed her diet- no radiation or chemo, just her faith and real food. Needless to say, 9 years later my mom is here, HEALTHY and CANCER-FREE. That sparked my passion to learn and share what I continuously learn with the world.


MBL: That is wonderful to hear your mother is healthy today. 

So how long did it take you to create the recipes? have they been tested and found safe? What will your cleansing system help me accomplish?

CP: It took my team and I about 60 days to research and develop this cleansing system. We wanted to take our time with this because the liver is one of the single most important organs in the body.

Your liver is responsible for much of your body’s detoxification functions. The organ was made to eliminate toxins and essentially cleanse the body. Our liver cleanse was created with the hopes of replenishing the liver so that it may function properly. This cleanse may improve energy levels, digestion, skin complexion, and even shift a few pounds. Not to mention, this cleanse can lead to a permanent lifestyle of vegetarianism and raw foods. That’s right! Many of our clients have successfully transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle after completing our cleanse. Because we are recommending REAL food and plenty of it!

MBL: We understand that everybody is different, yet tell us what are some of the common effects one has from changing from a regular American diet to your cleanse? 

CB: There are very little to no side effects when using this cleansing system. You may go to the bathroom more frequently because whole fruits and veggies are cleansing your body naturally. If you consume a lot of salt, sugar and caffeine, you may experience temporary “withdrawal headaches”. Remember, this is a liver make

MBL: Thanks

To find out more of Coach P.s diet plans and recipes, please visit the web link below! If you are thinking of a detox and cleanse after a large Holiday meal or rounds of Holiday office parties, Coach P’s advice is sorely needed.

coachpCoach P.
Tree Hugger, Nutritionist and Holistic Healthy Living Expert!
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