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The Ultimate MBL Guide – 10 Steps to Enjoy Being Alone

The Ultimate MBL Guide – 10 Steps to Enjoy Being Alone
MBL Editors

Live Smarter in 2014

You’re Alone, Not Lonely:  10 Ways to Enjoy Being Alone

By Justine R.

Let’s face it ladies, we have all made relationship decisions in the past due to the fear of being alone. We stick with friends whom we don’t like or hold ourselves back from the world because nobody is there to do it with us. We date people even when we don’t like to or settle for relationships that are not bound to work.

But what if there was a way to enjoy being alone without feeling lonely? It would be very amazing, right? You would not be compelled to go out with people you do not like because you have nothing to do on a Friday night. You could pack your bags and take the next flight to France. You would never have to date someone because all your friends have dates. You would end up picking groups of people or spending time with partners that you actually like.

Being Alone Is Not Lonely

When you are alone, you do not have to be lonely. You can enjoy your own company and feel happy even without other people around you. Remember that we are our own soul mates, we are in charge of our own happiness – and being happy with others is just a bonus.

Enjoying being alone helps keep you happy and that happiness radiates to other people.

So, now that we are about to welcome a New Year, you may want to drop those feelings of loneliness and learn how to love being alone.

1. You’re good enough by yourself. Tell yourself this: you are a valuable individual. You do not need to do things to gain anybody’s approval.

2. Always value your opinion. You know yourself best, so do not let other people tell you what you should be doing. It is good to ask for advice, but only when you really need it. When you can still solve your own problems, be confident and trust yourself to do so.

3. Channel your creativity. Doing something creative allows you to lose yourself in your work, so you do not notice time passing by. Channeling your creativity also allows you to have fun.

Write, create art, make music, and build something.  To make things even better, create something that is meaningful. You can create something for other people; teach art to children, create things for charity or people in need.

4. Improve yourself. Taking measures to improve yourself helps make you feel better. Look for ways to improve yourself by learning a new skill, a sport or a new language. Change the way you look – zone in on your weight problems or skin problems and see what you can do about it.

5. Volunteer. Being happy by yourself does not mean that you have to shut away yourself from the world. It means that you can find yourself in a sea of people without depending your happiness on them. A good way is to surround yourself with good people, especially those who do something for a cause. This allows you to spend time with others. You will definitely feel even better knowing that you spend that same amount of time giving back to those in need.

6. Do things you normally would with others. Oftentimes, it isn’t the friend or partner you really miss, but the activities that you used to do with them. So continue doing these things as you would if they were around. Treat yourself to a date. Travel. Get a massage. Watch a movie. Do not hold back and enjoy these activities and do not be afraid about what other people think when you do these things by yourself.

7. Get a Pet. We all need affection from time to time, and pets provide that source of affection. What is good is that you can also talk to pets (don’t worry; people do it all the time). If you do not have enough space or time for a pet, try fishes, hamsters, guinea pigs and parakeets. If you want more interaction but do not like a lot of maintenance, get a cat. If you have plenty of time and energy, and want a lot of feedback, then a dog may be for you.

As the saying goes in Washington, “If you want a friend, get a dog!”

8. Do Some Reading. Reading is a great way to improve yourself as a person. You can expand your knowledge, learn more things or just lose yourself in a fantasy world and have fun as you go. You can choose from self-help or instructional books if you want to learn something new. If you are reading for enjoyment, there are many genres to choose from, ranging from sci-fi to fantasy to romance. 

9. Start Exercising. Right now is the time to be healthy and get that body you have always wanted. Instead of bingeing on junk food, enroll yourself in an exercise class. You might even make friends there. Or, go outside and rediscover the fun in getting active under the sun. If you have a dog, take it out for a jog or a walk.

10. Go outside. We all need sunlight and fresh air. Make it a point to go outside your house every morning or afternoon, even if it’s just for a quick walk. If you think you can do it, travel out of town or head to the beach for some lovely breeze.

 Let’s Go Ladies! Europe, Asia or South America in 2014!!!

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these tips and enjoy your own company and say hello to a happier you in the New Year.