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New Beauty Products to Look for in 2014

New Beauty Products to Look for in 2014
Jamari Hysaw

The Alphabet Cream Craze Continues

A new year can mean many things, but it almost certainly means new and innovative fashion and beauty products! Let’s take a look at a two things I can’t wait to try in 2014.

EE Cream

EE Cream is a new upcoming addition to the alphabet skin care trend. Pushing the BB, CC, and DDs even further, Previse Skincare plans to introduce the EE Marine Granules mousse . The idea is this cream will work with your current skin care regimen for “Extra Exfoliating”, eliminating the need for expensive electronic exfoliators. Retailing for around $40 and including ingredients like marine algae extract and jojoba beads, I’m personally looking forward to adding this product to my collection of alpha-skincare.

Heel No Pain- Foot Numbing spray

Heel No Pain is the (hopefully) revolutionary foot numbing spray by biochemistry by Dr. Hayworth that promises to relieve the pain of wearing high heel shoes. Heel No Pain is a nonprescription, numbing spray that includes the same powerful ingredients most commonly used by dentists and doctors, for effective and strong pain relief. The formula is specifically meant to beat other pain relievers by penetrating the thick skin at the soles of the feet and numbing the nerves that transmit pain. With a release date at the end of January, I’m so excited to try this product! Hopefully it will keep us all looking (and more importantly feeling) cute all day and night (oh-kay?).

What new fashion and beauty gadgets do you plan to try in 2014? Are there any products you would like me to review? Leave me a comment!

Jamari Hysaw

Fashion and Beauty Associate