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The MBL Guide to How To Travel Right and Often

The MBL Guide to How To Travel Right and Often
MBL Editors

How To Travel Better

By Lindsay C.

The calendar has just rung in a new year. With that come New Year resolutions, new adventures, and new trips for the holidays. Unfortunately, it appears that for Americans those trips won’t be abroad. A meagre 30% of citizens hold a passport. How can that be when the world holds so many beautiful languages, cuisines, and landmarks just itching to be seen? And, with a few tricks up the sleeve it’s fairly easy to see them all. The Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Great Pyramids anyone?

This year, why not blend a New Year’s resolution with a new adventure? Why not learn the tips and tricks to traveling in your 20’s or 30’s when the cash flow may not be as robust as you like? Why not learn to travel better?

With little more than a passport, college degree, and a desire to travel overseas, you can get paid to travel. How can this be? Why by teaching English in countries such as Japan, Spain, or Brazil. Apply to jobs either through an agency or school. Then, you can make a living for six to twelve months while exploring a new country. Some will place you with a host family to live with or apartment houses where you’ll live with other teachers. Either way, you’ll also have the opportunity to build friendships while you’re on your new adventure.

When travel time is limited to less than 6 months, there are still other smart ways to travel. For instance, curb the cost of accommodation by using websites such as Couchsurfing to find free accommodation. While the website might say couches, you could luck out by finding a spare room all yourself to ‘surf’. It’s also a nice way to make a friend with a local who most likely enjoys having people to show off their town to.

One important precursor for my personal travel adventures is the currency exchange rate. At the moment, the USD is lower than the Euro, but is higher than the Australian dollar. So, to make the most of my hard earned money, I’ll skip out on a trip to France or Sweden this year and instead opt for viewing the Great Barrier Reef or one of Australia’s many other white sand beaches.

It’s said that flights are the biggest expense of a trip. That doesn’t have to be. If you’re under the age of 26 or still in college, STA is a travel agency that will offer you discounts on flights. Or, register for updates from websites such as AirFare Watchdog or Skyscanner to stay abreast of deals and cheap travel destinations. You might even become inspired to visit a new location you hadn’t previously thought of.

So, there you have it, a few tips on how to travel better. Perhaps you’re feeling inspired. And, next time you plan a trip to a 5star hotel in Paris, you might choose to embark on a different adventure to leave a little more money in your pocket.


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