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A First Kiss in Bangkok – My South East Asian Travel Story

A First Kiss in Bangkok – My South East Asian Travel Story
MBL Editors

Bangkok Dreams

By Lindsay C.

I lived in Southeast Asia for two years. In the thick heat of Bangkok I road a motorcycle taxi to work, indulged in spicy noodles day and night, and embraced a culture that sleeps even less than New York. It was during those balmy nights that I made friends. And, it was through those friends that a girl met a boy, and this little African American girl had her first kiss with an Asian boy.

Interracial Relationships are nothing new. Yet, it would seem that relationships between black women and Asian men are. So are relationships between Hispanic women and Asian men, but that doesn’t seem to garner as much attention. What does garner attention is a relationship so rare it falls to the bottom rungs of ‘Interracial dating’ charts; true story.

My rare ‘first kiss’ turned into two. From there we giggled through moonlight walks, home cooked meals, and all the other hand-in-hand excursions that the term ‘two is better than one’ brings. I can even say that he held my handbag and we spent whole nights listening to Bob Marley, for dating in Asia renders images of the golden age of courtship where a date might be rewarded with a kiss and relationships enjoy the sweet tunes of taking it nice and slow like it’s the 1950’s.

That is what I noticed during our relationship. That is what I spoke about with my friends. Skin tones, ‘what will people think’ questions and other annoying nuisances didn’t come into the mix. He was a friend of a friend, so he fit into my social circle well and the only comment I heard a friend make was that if we ever had babies they’d be gorgeous!

Back in the States I’ve read blogs and forums posed with questions asking if Asian men like black women, where to meet Asian men, and other questions along the ‘I’m African American and I want to date an Asian guy.’ Yes, for these guys and girls the Internet is a wealth of information and connections. Take for instance. Type in ‘black women Asian men’, and you’ll see results for groups and events held across the country. I’d call it Internet dating with a speciality.

Ironically, if you ever asked me to describe this particular Casanova, ‘Asian’ would be one of the last words that I’d use to describe him. Graphic designer, drummer, music enthusiast, marathoner, good sense of humor, would probably all come before saying, “Oh, he’s Asian.” It wasn’t a deciding factor in our relationship or a part of his personality. Okay, maybe a little, I mean did teach me the secret to the perfect fried rice. All in all, it will be a memory I’ll treasure simply because we had fun together. And, for guys and gals looking to find a similar relationship, I’d say keep your mind open, be yourself, and look beyond colour to meet your Casanova or Casanovess in your life.