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Nicole Valentine’s New WINLY App Helps Small Business Owners Get On the Path to Success

Nicole Valentine’s New WINLY App Helps Small Business Owners Get On the Path to Success
MBL Editors

Getting Your New Business on Track

More women are opening businesses than ever before and black women are leading the field. According to a report by the Center for American Progress, black women are starting businesses at six times the national average.

With so many new businesses on the landscape, how will these new owners find the right path to success. A newly released app from Synergy Business Development seeks to answer that question.

Visit here for the Winly website.

The WINLY App can be downloaded via Itunes here, and is described below:

Winly offers a personal strategic planning experience for entrepreneurs and business owners focused on growth.  It allows users to easily manage, track and communicate business strategy. Winly coaches business leaders through the strategy process and offers a framework to assess and accelerate business growth.

Winly was created by Nicole Valentine, the CEO of Synergy Business Development.  An entrepreneur, business lawyer and strategic consultant for leading companies, thought leaders and social entrepreneurs, Valentine added technology innovation to her service delivery playbook by sharing proven growth play books and best practices in an IOS device.  Nicole is also a contributing writer here at My Beautiful Life covering topics related to law, business and finance.

Of course, at MBL we are all excited about the release and look forward to a helpful tool. Many of our readers have recently opened businesses or are exploring new avenues for added streams of income. In the new economy, we all need to think entrepreneurially, our as the old folks used to say. “You need a side hustle”. The old school auntie that baked sweet potato pies for sale has a business that has evolved into online sales with possible out-of-state transactions. How do we organize all of that? One word….WINLY.

Winly, for the new world.




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