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Urb-E, Award Winning Electric Scooter Seeks Funding Via Indieagogo Campaign

Urb-E, Award Winning Electric Scooter Seeks Funding Via Indieagogo Campaign
MBL Editors

Urb-E is Rolling Out

EgoLogical Mobility Solutions launched an Indiegogo campaign for the Urb-E this month.  The crowd favorite and winner of both the Verge and the Best Personal Transportation Awards at the 2014 CES show has reached a mark of almost $59,000 raised at the time of this article.  The campaign goal is to raise $150,00 for production of the electric vehicle. Founder and CEO, Grant Degatty says they have secured a factory that can produce the vehicles locally in Pasadena, California. Innovative, well designed, and American made….all good stuff indeed.

Degatty calls the Urb-E the ”most compact, personal E vehicle”. The Urb-E is also described on its website as an Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device (EPAMD).

At 26 lbs, the Urb-E is light and portable. It has a Lithium-Ion battery  which can carry a rider for 20 miles on one charge. It’s top speed is 15 MPH.

Compact and adjustable, it is made to fold down to be carried on mass transit or fit in a car trunk. Once you arrive at your destination, you can simply plug it into any standard 120-220 volt wall outlet and it fully recharges in 3 hours. The battery can be charged for up to 5000 cycles.

The sleek design and look are part of its appeal and Delgatty promises more cool additions. Right now, it has a mobile phone dock that can be used to charge your phone. There is a three wheel Commuter for a more reliable, smooth ride.

Urbethree wheel

Or the Two wheel GP which offers the possibility of sharper turns and greater mobility.


Very nice, isn’t it? I like that it folds down to one piece. I was never a fan of vehicles that break down into multiple parts but crafty thieves like the ones we have here in the Big Apple created the need for multiple parts, so I understand the motivation for it. That brings me to the only Urb-E claim I can dispute. Under the laudable list of features such as lightweight, compact, top speeds, it lists “Theft Proof”, chuckle at that for a moment and then return to seriousness.

Delgatty,  who teaches at Art Center College of Design says he wanted to develop a clean energy transport product for urban commuters. He sees the Urb-E as a great choice for commuters as well as for use in Universities, Corporate Campuses, Government Agencies, Resorts, and Tourist locations..

There are a lot of great things about the Urb-E and at approximately $2,000, it is within range of other electric scooters. Yet at 15mph it seems rather slow for urban traffic at least as I know traffic in New York. I would imagine the top speed could be tweaked.

As a big proponent of green living I think Urb-E has great potential.  For cities without bike systems, the Urb-E could be the ticket. Or you might just buy it because you have the cash and like cool gadgets.