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Best Yoga Positions to Help with Weight Loss

Best Yoga Positions to Help with Weight Loss
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Best Yoga Positions For Weight Loss

The power of yoga in enhancing concentration, strengthening bodies and speeding up the healing process is irrefutable. But, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that adding a few yoga exercises to your fitness routine can help your weight loss goals as well. Here’s a quick look at some effective Yoga exercises to help in your fitness journey.

How Yoga Can Assist You in Losing Weight

There are many weight loss options. Yet generally some combination of a controlled diet and routine exercise are now thought to be most effective. Yoga is effective in increasing flexibility and stabilizing the body. Yoga can assist in strengthening problem joints such as the knees, hips and ankles. Consistent yoga practice leads to increased core strength which can reduce chronic problems such as lower back pain and increase your overall physical strength. Because yoga also exercises ligaments and tendons, your joints will lubricate more effectively, reducing joint pain. Also changing your exercise routine confuses your body’s muscular and cardiovascular system, leading to greater gains in health and physical appearance.

Which Position is the Most Effective?

Weight gain can be caused by many things often over-eating, an unbalanced diet or slow metabolic rate are factors. Including yoga in a daily routine can control obesity by keeping your digestive system healthy and boosting your body metabolism. Out of several other positions to fight obesity, Pawanamuktasana is an extremely effective one. It keeps your digestive track healthy and eliminates the surplus fat deposits around your abdomen, buttocks and thighs. By performing Pawanamuktasana daily, you feel energetic, full of stamina, lighter and healthy.

Who Can Not Practice Pawanamuktasana?

Pawanamuktasana is one of the most effective obesity asanas. Yet, as with all exercise you should consult your physician if you have any concerns. Those who have high blood pressure, heart ailments or other health issues like sciatica pain or slipped disc should refrain with out direct doctors orders.

Another Effective Yoga Asana To Curb Obesity

Surya Namaskar or saluting the sun is another effective yoga asana to control obesity. The asana involves Pranayam, meditation and mantra. These movements are very effective because they affect the nervous system and the endocrine system of our body which in turn increases the metabolic rate of our body and assists in shedding weight.

Focus on perfecting breathing and stretching during yoga positions. This helps you lose weight slowly but progressively. In conclusion, if you want a long-term results and not some easy, quick-fixes in weight loss, these Yoga tips will help you on your path.

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