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Rent-A-Gent Offers The Perfect Man, For a Fee!

Rent-A-Gent Offers The Perfect Man, For a Fee!
MBL Editors

Rent A Gent Offers The Perfect Male Companion For Cold Hard Cash

By Yvette Brown

Marina, the attractive professional woman interviewed in a recent Nightline piece with Paula Farris on “Rent A Gent“, says a good man is hard to find. Is that so? She elaborates…“It’s very hard to find a man … that has good qualities, and then you have to get to know them, and go through the whole dating process, while this (rent-a-gent) is just a click away.”

Many women I know already have a companion like this….handsome, educated, charming, knows food and wine, well-travelled and a snazzy dresser. We usually call those men our “gay husbands”. And like the “dates” offered by Rent A Gent, there is no sex involved with your gay husband. In fact one of the spokespersons for Rent A Gent, emphatically expresses any Gent known to have sex with a client would be fired! Oh, my! Well at MBL, we believe every straight woman should have at least one gay male friend. Gay Husbands are BTW, readily available in New York and thankfully, without a $200 an hour fee.

So this is something new indeed, women choosing to pay men for dates and time. Or is it simply something as old as time. $200 an hour seems quite pricey for a companion to us. My gay husband and I often spend long days together, that include leisurely brunches sipping Blood Orange Mimosas and prosecco, shoe shopping and catching an early film at Lincoln Center. Pretty much all things the straight men I know, have absolutely no interest in and all for FREE!

The men who work for Rent A Gent must audition in front of a panel of women. The women ask the men to walk, do a few twirls and show they have some unusual talent women will find appealing. As if being over 6 feet, muscular and multi-lingual isn’t talent enough, “RAG”, also asks the men to play a musical instrument. I guess, if you are asking for the big bucks why not go full fantasy. The CEO of RAG, Sarah Shikhman says she is offering “….. the top one percent kind of man, who looks like a super model, speaks like he could be Albert Einstein and could also make “you” look really good”. There are many of you, who will be shocked by this and find this utterly demeaning, soulless and the complete objectification of the men involved. Yes, that may be true, but while you are clutching your pearls, “RAG” seems to have a line of men waiting at the door for a shot at the gig. One very attractive African American candidate you will see in the piece below, chose to do his sashay and twirl…shirtless! If you’d like to know what unusual talent he has, I guess you’ll have to contact RAG with your $200 in hand.

(Banner photo from the Rent A Gent website)

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