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Attractive Arrestee Inspires “Concerned Women’s Free A Felon” Campaign

Attractive Arrestee Inspires “Concerned Women’s Free A Felon” Campaign
MBL Editors

Arrestee Inspires Women

On June 18 local police arrested 30-year-old Jeremy Meeks on felony weapons charges during a sweep in the Weston Ranch area of Stockton, California.

He’s the most popular arrestee on the Stockton Police Department Facebook page.

Meeks’ police mugshot generated 10,914 likes and 2,400 comments from Wednesday night to Thursday morning, most from women enamored with his model like looks.

Many caring women have expressed great concern for the imprisonment of such a physically attractive person. Those women with a great deal of free time and disposable income have banded together to stop the atrocity of a possible long imprisonment by vowing to pay Mr. Meeks’ bond and assuring his release so that he may continue to press forward with work in his known profession. Currently, his bond is $900,000, that’s a whole lot of concern indeed.

Other felons seeking to be connected with these women and admitted to the CWFAF, Concerned Women’s Free A Felon program should submit full length photos to Vendetta Jackson at The only requirements to be admitted to the program is that you be incredibly sexy and of course wrongfully accused. In reference to Mr. Meeks, Ms. Jackson was quoted as saying… “He’s just so cute, I can’t imagine he really committed any crimes, I mean look at his eyes, they’re so blue!”

The CWFAF website was due to be up this week, so that contributions could be accepted. Unfortunately, the felon working on its completion absconded with all the computer equipment so they are experiencing delays. Yet, Ms. Jackson says they expect to be fully operational and back on task by Monday saving the beautiful and misguided from themselves.!

  • Sidney Evans

    Truly shines a light on how “looks” play a paramount role for some in our society.