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Watch Somi’s “Brown Round Things”

Watch Somi’s “Brown Round Things”
MBL Editors

Somi’s “Brown Round Things”

An MBL friend and favorite, Somi has had a wonderful 2014. Earlier this year she released her first major-label album, The Lagos Music Salon, in the United States. It quickly rose to #1 on the iTunes Jazz Chart, #1 on the Amazon Jazz Vocal Chart, and #1 on the Amazon Pop Vocal Chart.

Below is an excerpt from her TED Fellows blog in which she discusses the motivation for “Brown Round Things”. The song and video focus on sex workers in Lagos. Prostitution can be found in all cultures, yet most of the women and men who provide these services exist on the periphery, seen yet unseen. Often their humanity is discounted, even though we know those who use their services walk freely among us, un-judged. Somi’s “Brown Round Things” challenges us to look at these women and to see ourselves.

Find out more about Somi’s music and tour dates here.

“When Somi went to Lagos, Nigeria, for an 18-month creative sabbatical, the singer immersed herself in the life of the city, exploring its culture and people and writing about what she experienced – resulting in her major-label debut album The Lagos Music Salon. One of the ballads from this album, the haunting “Brown Round Things,” attempts to imagine and explore the humanity of the city’s prostitutes, who are so stigmatized in society that there is silence around not only their rights or well-being, but who they are. In her recently released video for the song, Somi inhabits the role herself, walking the streets in their shoes.”