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DeNeen Attard


Affirmations are statements going beyond the reality of the present into the creation of the future through the words you use in the now.  – Louise L. Hay

I truly believe that our words shape and create the world we live in and the life we experience. I use positive affirmations to help shape my world and improve the quality of my life experiences. Positive affirmations are declarations that provide emotional support and encouragement. They can also help to decrease negative thoughts, motivate, and continually move you towards your goals. Affirmations can help you to respond better to setbacks and overcome obstacles. Affirmations also regulate stress levels and help you to remain positive and focused.

Some affirmations might change depending on your particular goal. For example, when writing my book, Trinity of Coaching: God, You, and Your Life Coach, I created affirmations specific to the creation of my book and the desired results regarding its completion and future success.

Many of my affirmations are based on biblical scriptures, which help to increase my faith in God and His ability to help me accomplish all that He created me to achieve. Below are some suggestions on how create your own positive affirmations to help jump start your 2015.


  1. Make your affirmations personal – When creating your affirmations be sure to use the words, “I“, and “me”. Remember, the focus of your affirmation is on you and your desires. Avoid creating affirmations based on goals attained by someone else. Keep the focus on you!
  2. Make your affirmations positive – Avoid using negative words and emotions. Instead, use words that are positive and create a positive image in your subconscious.
  3. Focus on the present – Use statements that begin with “I am” or “I will”.
  4. Be specific – General vague affirmations will not deliver the results you desire.
  5. Keep your affirmations realistic – Your affirmation should be attainable and practical.
  6. Be selective in sharing your affirmations with others – If you do decide to share them with others, be selective choosing only people who will support and champion your goal. Avoid people with limiting beliefs and negative perspectives.