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The Power of Someone Believing in You

The Power of Someone Believing in You
MBL Editors
The Power of Someone Believing in You
by Jelisa Jay Robinson
There is this quote: “Everything that I am and everything that I hope to be, I owe to my mother.”  A mother’s belief is a powerful driving force that has ignited the brightest of flames.  My mother’s belief in me is no different.
My mother is an extraordinary woman.  Since I’ve come back home after college, I’ve gotten the chance to get to know my mother in a new way, something in between a parent and a friend.  She’s my parent when I need to hit the job applications hard and my friend when I need to talk about guys, dreams and cooking skills.  As I am inching towards my independence, I reflect on and appreciate what she has done for me for the past 23 years.
The past semester when I found out that after five years in college I would need to take an extra semester to finish my last course and I would not be receiving enough financial aid to cover it, I was heartbroken and devastated.  Letting my parents down by not sticking to the four year get-out-of-college and get-a-great-job rule, left me in a severe disposition.  My parents were looking forward to attending my graduation and I had to tell them we would be waiting another semester.
The negative self-doubt seeped in and it started talking to me.
“Give up.”
“You’ve failed.”
“Aren’t you tired?”
I’d love to say that I was going forth with a vengeance but the truth is I was ready to give up.  Five years of college, organization meetings, all-nighters and learning curves can take a lot out of you.  It was a fateful conversation with my mother that brought my game face back on.  She told me that I needed to get out of bed, apply for jobs, scholarships and to work hard to gain the finances necessary to finish.  And for once I did what she told me to do.
I came home and completed my last courses online, got a job and had a crowd sourcing campaign where my community contributed to my college education.  As I was doing this, I reflect of who was in my corner cheering me on…among my close friends, mentors and family…my mother was the there.  Staying up with me for an all-nighter until four am, reading over my essays and financially helping me out  and giving me the motivation that I needed to achieve my goals.  Sitting with me for hours at the dinning room table to listen to my dreams.  All of that investment reflected her belief in me.  A belief that has guided me for the past 23 years of my life.  A belief that pushes my father, younger brothers and I to be the best that we can be.
Becoming a Texas Ex, this fall is not only represents many nights crying, working, trying and trying again but it represents a woman whose diligence and faith allowed me to reach my full potential. There is power in the fact that even at one of your lowest points someone believes that you can achieve. I can never repay her for the effort, all I can do it hope to make her proud.  Thank you Mom.
Jelisa-hercampusJelisa Jay Robinson
Jelisa Jay Robinson is a writer, playwright and recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin.  She is also a National Contributing Writer for Her Campus-Real World and the creator of lifestyle and culture blog called Black Girl, Latin World.