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Ariana Miyamoto, Miss Universe Japan Challenges Perception of Beauty in Her Home Country

Ariana Miyamoto, Miss Universe Japan Challenges Perception of Beauty in Her Home Country
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A Very Japanese Beauty 

Many bi-racial children of Japanese and non Asian partners have described the feelings of isolation and lack of acceptance in books, videos and media shared across the internet for years now. Marriages and unions between non-Asian partners are rare in Japan but the numbers are growing, this is evidenced by the recent win by beauty contestant Ariana Miyamoto. We find out more about the Japanese/Black beauty’s reception by the larger Japanese community below from

Consider that mixed marriages between Japanese and Chinese and Koreans have been happening since the 7th century and that by the 9th century, a third of all nobles in Japan claimed foreign ancestors. This intermingling has happened throughout Japan’s history, so the term “pure-blooded Japanese” can seem ambiguous at best. However, while the number of hafu are increasing, the number of mixed marriages is still low. In 2006, for example, 5.46 percent of all brides were foreign (and 1.18 percent of the grooms were foreign). Yes, the vast majority were with Filipino, Chinese, and Korean spouses. But, annually, there are 20,000 mixed babies born in Japan.

On GirlsChannel, a popular site that allows readers to vote on comments, many of the highest-rated comments said that they wanted a more “Japanese” contestant to represent Japan—with the explicit implication that half-Japanese people do not reflect the country. However, not everyone thinks that way. This is extremely important to point out. There were comments supporting her selection, with people saying that the only thing that matters is whether or not she’s a citizen and loves this country or whether or not she was born and raised in Japan. Others said criticizing the selection because she wasn’t “Japanese” enough was “pathetic” and outdated thinking.

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  • JW27

    Her background should not be questioned. The good ole USA has a halfbreed Born in Kenya as our president. Our constitution calls for 100% pure bred American to lead this country. She is a far better representative representing Japan than Obama is representing the USA.

    • ich

      This presidental halfbreed you are refering to was BORN in Honolulu, HAWAII which is part of the United States!!

      • JW27

        He said it was Kenya. Is that now a part of Hawaii?