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See This Insightful Documentary – Ritmos Negros del Perú

See This Insightful Documentary – Ritmos Negros del Perú
MBL Editors

See Ritmos Negros del Peru

Ritmos Negros del Perú is a lovely documentary by filmmakers Florent Wattelier, Sonia Barousse and Hugo Massa. Sadly, many people are not aware there is a population of African descendants in Peru. This film explores the influence of people African descent in Peruvian music.

RITMOS NEGROS DEL PERU is an in-depth look at Afro-Peruvian music through the lens of its percussion instruments. The now widespread cajon, as well as the less renowned cajita, quijada and checo, drive the rhythms along with the history and the identity of the music. Featuring musicians, researchers and instrument-makers, this documentary explores, along the Pacific Coast of Peru, the relationship between music and identities, and how the preservation and transmission of a cultural heritage is still relevant to contemporary creation.

This independent documentary was shot in Peru where it was also premiered in 2014 at the Festival Internacional de Cajon Peruano. It has since then been screened in diverse theaters and community centers, in Peru and in France.

You can find out more about this documentary here.

The Ritmos Negros Del Peru band will be screened in English at Barbes BK, April 3, 2015


Ritmos Negros del Peru – Trailer from Hugo Massa on Vimeo.