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Model Ubah Hassan Shares a Glimpse Into Her Life


A Day With Ubah

Elegant and captivating Somali model Ubah Hassan shares a day in her life with CNN. They chronicle the up and coming models daily life highlighting a shoot for Macy’s.


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Ariana Miyamoto, Miss Universe Japan Challenges Perception of Beauty in Her Home Country

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A Very Japanese Beauty 

Many bi-racial children of Japanese and non Asian partners have described the feelings of isolation and lack of acceptance in books, videos and media shared across the internet for years now. Marriages and unions … Read More

Color Correction: The Key to Flawless Makeup Application


Most women, especially women of color, have areas of uneven skin tone on their faces. This is due to hyperpigmentation (a common condition where patches of the skin can be darker than the surrounding skin), scars and redness … Read More

New Film “Black or White” Starring Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer


New Film “Black or White”

There’s a new film entitled “Black or White starring Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer. From the trailer, it seems like the well-worn tale of the angry, embittered elder forced to care for a … Read More

This 7 Year Old Entreprenuer Has Created The Ultimate Hair Barrette, Gabby Bows


Gabby Bows Will Fix Your Hair Woes

Gabby Bows are inventive hair barrettes created by 7 year Gabby Goodwin (pictured above). The inspiration was her own frustration with keeping her braided styles neatly done. From Invented by … Read More

Esquire’s “The Getaway” Features Mos Def /Yasiin Bey in Morocco


Mos Def Gets Away

Brooklyn born rapper/actor/artist, Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey is currently working in South Africa. Esquire magazine chronicles Mr. Bey in Morocco. Bey gets an inside to vibe with some local Gnawa musicians.

You catch Esquire TV … Read More

Celebrity Chefs Pat and Gina Neely Annouce Divorce


The Neely’s Will Part

If you like Southern food, you may have seen Food Network’s “Down Home With The Neely‘s”. The childhood sweethearts Pat and Gina Neely, first dated in high school. Gina Neely filed for divorce … Read More

Jourdan Dunn Becomes First Black British Model On the Forbes List


Jourdan Dunn on Forbes List

British Model Makes Historic Move

According to the Guardian: One of fashion‘s most covetable stars, and also as one of its most vocal critics, Jourdan Dunn, has become the first black British … Read More

Halle Berry’s New Perfume Wild Essence


Halle Berry’s Wild Essence

Academy award winning actress, Halle Berry who is currently gracing the small screen in the Spielberg produced sci-fi thriller, Extant, has released a new fragrance.

Berry describes Wild Essence below:

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Akilah aka Smoothiefreak Breaks Down Every Natural Hair Video Ever


Every Natural Hair Video Ever

Natural hair vlogger, pop culture commentator and comedian, Akilah gives her take on natural hair tutorials and it’s hilarious. If you have spent hours watching hair videos like we have, this one will … Read More