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Womens History Month – Lives Not to Be Forgetten – Laura Nelson


Laura Nelson’s Brutal Murder Recorded for a Postcard

By Lorraine Spencer

Laura Nelson and son Laurence hang from a bridge where they were just lynched. Laurence Nelson

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Holi Festival of Colors Welcomes Spring in India and Around the World


The Holi Festival Welcomes Spring……

And we need it!

Across the East in America, we have had a brutal winter. The Polar Vortex has brought the deep freeze to many. Bone chilling single digit … Read More

Best Yoga Positions to Help with Weight Loss


Best Yoga Positions For Weight Loss

The power of yoga in enhancing concentration, strengthening bodies and speeding up the healing process is irrefutable. But, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that adding a few yoga … Read More

Lupita N’yongo Teased and Taunted For Dark Complexion


Lupita Voices Difficulties in Youth Because of Her Dark Skin

Lupita N’yongo voices sentiments and experiences that many dark skinned women and girls share. We are saddened by her story, but certainly not surprised.

“I … Read More

The Wonderful Work of J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere – “The Hairstyles Photographer”


J.D. Okhai Ojeikere

J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere was born in 1930 in South Western Nigeria. Throughout his life he worked primarily in Ketu Nigeria photographing the amazing array of hairstyles of the women of the city.

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Perfect 10! – W Magazine Chooses Top Ten Sexist Models, Jourdan Dunn Leads The Pack, Riberio Closes


W Magazine’s Top Ten

Some people love lists and some people hate them, Yet everyone reads them. We surely did take a gander a W Magazine’s Top Ten Model List. W is generally entertaining. The posh sets, the … Read More

Magical, Entracing Trailer for “The Summer of Gods”


The Summer of Gods

The Summer of Gods is a lovely film that needs to be viewed by many. You can visit the Facebook page here and see detailed description below.

The website can be found here.

The … Read More

Bleached and Beautiful – So Says The Majority of Brown People Around The World

| 3

Who’s The Fairest of Them All?

By Yvette Brown

In recent years there has been a wave of consciousness sparked among black American women. In the movement towards enlightenment and empowerment one of the … Read More

How To Nurture Your Natural Curl Pattern


How To Improve Your Curls

By Lindsay C.

Let your hair reign! The fascination with natural hair has grown into a movement of celebrities showing their real hair and bloggers swapping inspirational … Read More

New Beauty Products to Look for in 2014


The Alphabet Cream Craze Continues

A new year can mean many things, but it almost certainly means new and innovative fashion and beauty products! Let’s take a look at a two things I can’t wait to … Read More