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Best Beauty Subscriptions Services


Best Beauty

From The Huffington Post:

Being a beauty editor certainly has its perks, but the biggest benefit has to be the beauty samples.

I transform into a human guinea pig the very … Read More

Skin Bleaching Phenomenon in Jamaica Exposed on All Angles TV

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Skin Bleaching Growing in Jamaica

The desire to bleach skin grows throughout the Diaspora among men and women. Years ago only women bleached their skin, but in black and brown communities today, it is growing among … Read More

Bruno Walpoth’s Ethereal Lime Wood Carved Sculptures Are Quietly Magical


Bruno Walpoth

Mr. Walpoth’s sculptures are so amazing and life like the seem to have motion. Yet they are still.


Bruno Walpoth is one of the best wood carvers in the world, … Read More

Top Natural Hair Vloggers for Your Natural Hair Journey


Natural Hair Vloggers Keep It Real

Here is a great list of women to help you in your journey to natural hair Nirvana. Youtube is a wonderful resource for women seeking to go chemical free. Many women of … Read More

Baby Bangs! – Hair Extensions for Toddlers


Baby Bangs, Starting a Lifetime of Low Self Esteem

Oh my Lord, where do we begin? An online company, Baby Bangs, is touting kanekelon wigs for toddlers. The home page of the website highlights a photo … Read More

Snail Slime Face Cream – The Hottest Treatment in Beauty


Slime and Shine

South Koreans are known for their beauty obsession. Not only is there a huge plastic surgery trend in the country but also an endless drive to find the newest and best way to … Read More

I Love JanNY – Black Model Icon


I Love JaNY

I Love JaNY is a portrait of Jany Tomba, the artistʼs and director Sasha  Huber’s aunt, who at an early age emigrated with her family from the dictatorship in Haiti to New York.

Read More

6 Great Products for Your Natural Hair Journey


6 Great Products for your natural hair journey

So you’ve made the decision to go chemical free. That’s great! Below we have listed some great products to assist you in pampering your natural coils and curls. Of course … Read More

Bold Beautiful Summer Make-up Colors – Glorious Green


Green is Always Good!

Like dandruff or other annoying human afflictions, random rappers and hip hop performers seem to come out of the woodwork every few months without fail with some ignorant or insulting remark about black womens … Read More

Top Tips For Summer Beauties By Makeup Guru – Megz


Hot Beauty

Summer is upon us! Soothing warm sun on our necks. Long blustery days and warm nights. So if you can’t stand the heat, well you know what to do. Yet, if you want to look good … Read More