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Business Funding

PowerMoves NOLA – A Festival to Support Minority Entrepreneurship Will Debut At Essence Fest


Power Moves NOLA


An event that aims to diversify participation in entrepreneurship by serving as a kind of South By Southwest festival for minority business founders will play out for the first time this … Read More

MBL Guide – 10 Great Resources for Small Business Grants

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10 Best Grants for Small Businesses

By Yvette Brown

One out of three people in the United States are self-employed, and these figures may increase over the years. People are now harnessing todays tools … Read More

FedEx is Offering Small Business Grants – Enter Your Business Now!


FedEx Small Business Grants

You may see scores of contests and websites seeking small businesses to enter and compete for some small prize. We know, you’ve seen it all. But what is different here, for one its a large, globally … Read More

What’s He Really Like? Check the New “Lulu” Social Networking App – His Rating Might Surprise You


What’s He Really Like? Check the Lulu App

From the NY Times: Not long ago, after Alexandra Amin, an assistant at Warner Brothers, broke up with an agent she had been dating for a year, her friend … Read More

SYDsLIST: Bluefish Redefines The Concierge Model


Bluefish Rising

SYDsLIST: BLUEFISH – How do you spell exclusive? B-L-U-E-F-I-S-H!

Pop quiz: Who do you call to arrange lunch for two at one of the Seven Wonders of the World, … Read More

A Crowdfunding Site for Women Has Launched, Whether We Need It or Not


By Carmel DeAmicis On October 25, 2013The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a crowdfunding platform just for women has launched. E-commerce site Plum Alley had added it as a feature to its offering. According to the WSJ one of the founders, Heidi…Read More

La June Montgomery Tabron Named President, CEO Of The Kellogg Foundation


Kellogg Foundation Has New CEO

From The Huffington Post: A black woman has just been named as president and CEO of one of the largest philanthropic foundations in the United States.

According to a press release, … Read More

An Invention That Marinated for 19 Years

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Yes Lord, It Marinates!

By Jack Hitt

From the NY Times : Mary Hunter has always been happy to cook for her congregation at the Yes Lord Church in Gary, Ind. Her recipes, she told me, come … Read More

White Women, Black Hairstyles


White Women, Black Hairstyles 

By David Rosenberg

From Slate: It almost sounds like the opening line to a joke: A young black woman takes a bunch of middle-aged white women who she doesn’t know in Woodstock, … Read More

New Report States Africa Has 55 Billionaires – Folorunsho Alakija Richest Black Woman


The Richest People In Africa 2013

From: VENTURES AFRICA – The combined fortune of Africa’s 55 billionaires is $143.88 billion. The average net worth of the members of this exclusive club is $2.6 billion, while the median age … Read More