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Beautiful Design

Malene B Talks Design Inspiration with MBL


Malene B

By Yvette Brown

Born in the Bronx and currently residing in Brooklyn, Malene B is the consummate New York artist. Drawing inspiration from all around her, including her Caribbean heritage, she has … Read More

Electric Vehicle Update – Volt, LEAF & Prius All Set Sales Records, First Lat BMW i8


Chevrolet Volt Sets All Time Monthly Sales Record,  While LEAF & Prius Have Personal Bests In August. 

Also: First look at BMW i8, CA HOV Stickers Program Extended, Detroit Electric Goes To Holland, And The … Read More

Eartha Kitt’s Daughter Brings Her Iconic Mother’s Style to Home Decor


All About Queen Eartha

Eartha Kitt was one of the earliest black stars of American music and theater. She along with Lena Horne was considered the first black sex symbols. Her deep sumptuous voice would become … Read More

CB2 Novogratz Brasil Collection & Vacation Sweepstakes

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Bold, Colorful Brasília

The husband and wife design team of Cortney and Robert Novogratz known for their HGTV specials, books and years of designing some of New York’s most unique homes have now debuted a design collection at CB2. … Read More