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Womens Health, Sex and Sexuality – Millennials and Self Diagnosing


By Imani Brammer

We’ve all had moments in which our bodies change routine on its own accord, seemingly sporadically and without warning, causing a vigorous Google search freak out session— and rightfully so. We can’t bear to be … Read More

“Black Heirlooms” Documentary Explores the Racial Wealth Gap


Black Heirlooms

In America the wealth gap between whites and blacks continues to widen.  The median white household income is $91,405 and the median black household income is $6, 446 according to recent Pew research data.

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Celebrity Chefs Pat and Gina Neely Annouce Divorce


The Neely’s Will Part

If you like Southern food, you may have seen Food Network’s “Down Home With The Neely‘s”. The childhood sweethearts Pat and Gina Neely, first dated in high school. Gina Neely filed for divorce … Read More

Living Single: 5 Ways to Enjoy Life While Riding Solo


Living Single: 5 Ways to Enjoy Life While Riding Solo

By E. Wilson

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been celebrating my 27th birthday with family, friends, and coworkers. In the midst of impromptu birthday parties and vacation, … Read More

Rent-A-Gent Offers The Perfect Man, For a Fee!


Rent A Gent Offers The Perfect Male Companion For Cold Hard Cash

By Yvette Brown

Marina, the attractive professional woman interviewed in a recent Nightline piece with Paula … Read More

How Black Womens Dating Realities Fuel Billion Dollar Industry

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Black Women Greatly Outnumber Black Men

Got it!

Now on to the post.

Did we say black women’s dating realities “fuel billion dollar industry”? Oh let’s be real! We meant fuel GAZILLION dollar industry.

Relationship coaches, dating gurus, highly paid … Read More

“The Rules”: An Answer to the Hookup Culture or Revisited Hype?


“The Rules”: An Answer to the Current Hookup Culture or Revisited Hype?

By E. Wilson

In 1995, dating consultants Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider released of book of secrets for single … Read More

In 1903, Hannah Elias Was The Richest Black Woman in America, Then Her Lover Shot A Millionaire in front of his Park Avenue Home

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Hannah Elias Sought Freedom

By Yvette Brown

It seems Hannah Elias sought freedom from many things. Freedom from the constraints of life as a woman. Freedom from the barriers that accompanied blackness in the … Read More

Confessions Of A Dating Expert

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Dating, Dating, Dating

By Soulntuition

Lamentations of a Serial Monogamist Living as a Serial Dater… Who the hell am I to be giving anyone advice?

When I was first asked to contribute to … Read More

A First Kiss in Bangkok – My South East Asian Travel Story


Bangkok Dreams

By Lindsay C.

I lived in Southeast Asia for two years. In the thick heat of Bangkok I road a motorcycle taxi to work, indulged in spicy noodles day and … Read More