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In Not News – In Manhattan 99% of The Time Short Men Do Not Get Responses

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The Cruel, Cruel World of Online Dating

After reading the post below I am curious, since the MAJORITY of men in the America are 5’9 and under, where do women believe they will find the desired … Read More

How Women Change Men For The Better


Women, Men and Change

Do men become more empathetic when they spend more time with women? Some studies show this to be true. Are you tired of these studies? If not, carry on and view below.

From Huffington … Read More

The “300 Sandwiches Book” – You Knew It Was Coming and We “Ain’t Mad at Her”!

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The Book You All Saw Coming is Almost Here

We say, well played and Bravo! We were not one of those laughing AT the author, because we know which side the bread is buttered ON!

300 Sandwiches, A Ring, A Blonde and A Salivating Audience

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Hooked with a sandwich?

By Eva Keane

Recently, beautiful NY Post writer, Stephanie Smith shared her romantic culinary journey of preparing 300 sandwiches for her beau…..and the “internets” went wild!

You all know it did!

The NY … Read More

10 Fun Alternative Online Dating Sites


Mix it Up Online

Everything can benefit from change. If you have been following the same online dating routine with little or no luck, it may be time you changed it up a bit.

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Don’t Kid Yourself: There is a very fine line between baggage and garbage


Don’t Kid Yourself

– There is a very fine line between baggage and garbage

What baggage are you carrying?

Low self-esteem? Frustration? Depression? Unresolved relationship issues? Hatred? Envy? Family drama? … Read More

Your Marriage Venture: The Business of Your Marriage and Personal Enterprise


Your Marriage Venture:  The Business of Your Marriage and Personal Enterprise by Nicole Valentine, Esq.

There’s so much marriage can learn from business.  And there’s so much business can learn from marriage. Business needs more heart … Read More

Full Frontal Denmark – Full Frontal Harlem?


Full Frontal Harlem?

“I believe that a woman’s body is thirsting for a man’s words.” Thomas Blachman

The sheer arrogance of that line never fails to amuse me. Mr. Blachman is certainly entertaining.

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Mind Games in A Sexual Society – Keeping the Faith In A Modern World



By DeNeen  Attard

“…It is obvious what kind of life develops out of trying to get your own way all the time: repetitive, loveless, cheap sex; a … Read More

“Let’s Talk About Sex” HPV – Important Points to Protect Yourself


Let’s Talk About Sex and HPV

By Misee Harris

The human papillomavirus is the most common sexually transmitted virus in the United States.

Unlike more commonly known STIs/STDs such as gonorrhea and chlamydia which are bacterial infections … Read More