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Relationship Gurus Speak

Confessions Of A Dating Expert

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Dating, Dating, Dating

By Soulntuition

Lamentations of a Serial Monogamist Living as a Serial Dater… Who the hell am I to be giving anyone advice?

When I was first asked to contribute to … Read More

Til Death Do Us Part……Or Until I Get Tired Of You!


A Christian questions modern love

By Blair Nash

You can’t squeeze toothpaste back in the tube – OR CAN YOU?

With over ½ of married couples eventually splitting for good…divorce has become a widespread reality. US … Read More

Raise The Bar! – “He’s Not That Bad….Right”?


Dr. Deign gives you advice your mother won’t! He’s not that bad … Right?

“He works. He doesn’t cheat … He doesn’t abuse me … and ummm …” She bites her lower lip, scrunches her nose a little, … Read More

Friends & Lovers – How To Make Love Work


How We Do It!

This is our platform to showcase all the lovers, friends, husbands and wives who are comfortable in their unions. They share their views on how they have made love work for them. Check back … Read More