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Priyanka Chopra, Leads “Quantico” On A New Path


Priyanka Chopra, A New American Heroine

ABC’s new drama, Quantico marks the American TV debut of actress and singer Priyanka Chopra. Chopra, … Read More

Get To Know These Talented Black Women Musicians



Niambi Sala and Thandiwe, both 19, make up the Neo-Soul/Hip Hop duo Oshun. “The name OSHUN is homage to a Yoruba river deity (Osun) and her sisters (Yemoja and Oya) who all represent elements of femininity and … Read More

Get To Know This Wonderful Singer-Songwriter, Lydia Rene


Fresh and Fabulous, Lydia Rene

Neo-Soul Artist Lydia Rene brings a fresh perspective to the genre. Ms. Rene recounts how one of her major influences was neo-soul Queen, Jill Scott.  Yet, Lydia’s sound is truly all her own. If you … Read More

See This Insightful Documentary – Ritmos Negros del Perú


See Ritmos Negros del Peru

Ritmos Negros del Perú is a lovely documentary by filmmakers Florent Wattelier, Sonia Barousse and Hugo Massa. Sadly, many people are not aware there is a population of African descendants in Peru. This … Read More

FKA Twigs New Video – Glass & Patron Revisits Voguing


FKA Twigs Releases Glass & Patron 

An official Youtube Music Awards Selection for 2015, Glass & Patron was also directed by FKA Twigs. In her unusual ethereal style she brings a modern twist to voguing, with … Read More

FKA Twigs Releases – Pendulum


FKA Twigs Releases – Pendulum

British artist and musician, FKA Twigs has released another visually provocative video. She directed the most recent release for the single, Pendulum. Check it out below.

To hear more, you can order the new album … Read More

“A-Town Boyz” Documentary Explores Growing Up Working Class Asian American in the South


A-Town Boyz

A Town Boyz, a documentary feature being shot in Atlanta is seeking funding to finish the film. It’s crowdfunding campaign can be found here.

This film focuses on the rarely seen world of working class Asian immigrants … Read More

Chloe and Halle Bailey Cover “Strange Fruit” In Memory of Michael Brown


Chloe and Halle Bailey Cover “Strange Fruit” In Memory of Mike Brown

Chloe and Halle Bailey are two lovely and talented sisters from Atlanta. They are always a joy to watch. Whenever finger waving elders launch into another … Read More

Lifetime Releases Trailer for Whitney Houston Biopic


Lifetime’s Whitney True Story – First Look

Legions of Twitter users have the their mean little fingers perched above the keyboard ready to rain down snark and ridicule on another Lifetime biopic or True Story. The … Read More

Stevie Wonder Speaks Out About Ferguson & The Garner Verdict


“We Need to Fix This With A Quickness”

Stevland Hardaway Morris also known as Stevie Wonder spoke the words below at a recent concert in Seattle. At the beginning of a rendition of his 1973 hit … Read More