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Comedy Bite – “West Indians in Court” – Majah Hype


West Indians in Court

We love the videos by comedian and performer, Majah Hype. They remind us of a stroll along Flatbush Avenue in the heat of summer. In Brooklyn, the melting pot of  the world  you find … Read More

Attractive Arrestee Inspires “Concerned Women’s Free A Felon” Campaign

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Arrestee Inspires Women

On June 18 local police arrested 30-year-old Jeremy Meeks on felony weapons charges during a sweep in the Weston Ranch area of Stockton, California.

He’s the most popular arrestee on the Stockton Police Department Facebook … Read More

How Black Womens Dating Realities Fuel Billion Dollar Industry

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Black Women Greatly Outnumber Black Men

Got it!

Now on to the post.

Did we say black women’s dating realities “fuel billion dollar industry”? Oh let’s be real! We meant fuel GAZILLION dollar industry.

Relationship coaches, dating gurus, highly paid … Read More

Humor – “Meet Your First Black Girlfriend” – She’s Funny and She’s Nappy


Meet Your First Black Girlfriend

We loved this video so much, we had to post today. It’s the new world. Cross-cultural, multi-ethnic and it’s all good.

Many of you are meeting interesting new people for the first time. Here is … Read More

Richard Simmons Unsettles MSNBC Host and Brings Us All Some Holiday Cheer


Richard Simmons Keeps You on Your Toes

Fitness Guru Richard Simmons brings us all some joy and tears, sharing painful childhood memories and shamelessly flirting with uncomfortable MSNBC Host Neil Cavuto.

Richard makes some poignant points … Read More

Let’s Save Africa! – Gone Wrong


Charity, Gone Wrong

Rustyradiator turns a keen eye to stereotypes in African charitable fundraising.

Check out Micheal’s skills below:

Read More

Nate Hill Wears Naked White Women As Scarves


White Women As Scarves

From Nate Hill stood in the living room of a twee North Brooklyn apartment on an afternoon in late October with a naked white girl draped around his shoulders. I pulled out my … Read More

Wildly Inappropriate Halloween Costumes for Children


Halloween Done Wrong

Well what can be said about these pics. Oh my Lord! First, who are the parents? Many people might say, well it’s all in good fun to dress your baby up as a serial killer, … Read More

For ‘SNL’ Cast, Being Diverse May Be Better Than Being ‘Ready’


Color Controversy at ‘SNL’ From NY Times: Criticism over recent remarks by a cast member have shed light on the absence of black women on “Saturday Night Live.” One decade after “Saturday Night Live” began in 1975, it added the … Read More

Fresh Music – Year’s Best Cover – “No Woman, No Drive” by Saudi Peformer Alaa Wardi


No Woman, No Drive

I could barely touch the “replay” key, I was laughing so hard when I first saw this. Hats off to Mr. Wardi for bringing some humor to an important subject.

Read More