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Cosmopolitan Anoints a New First Family…..And All Is Not Well


The Cosmopolitan First Family

The staff at Cosmopolitan was slammed on social media for giving the title of “First Family” to the Kardashian clan on its November 2015 cover.

Cosmopolitan, one of the world … Read More

Priyanka Chopra, Leads “Quantico” On A New Path


Priyanka Chopra, A New American Heroine

ABC’s new drama, Quantico marks the American TV debut of actress and singer Priyanka Chopra. Chopra, … Read More

The Brutal Murder of Arnesha Bowers in Baltimore


What Happens To A Community When Heinous Murders Become A Weekly Occurence?

Arnesha Bowers was a beautiful, promising 16 year old Baltimore high school student. Martha Armenti, one of Bower’s former teachers described her as “effervescent,” “wise” and “enterprising.”, … Read More

Ayaan Hirsi Draws Parallels Bewteen Racial Segregation and Sharia Law

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Segregation

Reprinted from the Huffington Post:

From Selma to Tunis: When Will We March Against the Segregation of Our Own Time?

This year, with good reason, Americans have … Read More

Reddit Co-Founder Helps Queens Based Non Profit That Teaches Code to Minority Students


Coalition 4 Queens and Code Access 3.0 Needs $1Million

Reddit Co Founder helps C4Q, Code Access Program that has been teaching code to minority students in Queens for last two years with great success.

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Colorado Girl Accused of Trying to Poison Mother Twice for Taking Away iPhone


Tough Love Leads to Thoughts of Murder

Once again we see young children and smart phones can be a dangerous mix.

Colorado police arrested a 12 year girl Friday on suspicion of attempted first-degree … Read More

Marriage Across Cultures and Generations – An African Bride in China

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Marriage Across Cultures By Lorraine Spencer

It was love at first sight when Ada 26, saw Yan Yang 58, an artist from China visiting her home town of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Ada was so sure that Yan, significantly older was the love of her life, that within one month they were married and moved to China. Did she have any idea that her wedding would rival that of a Chinese empress? Probably not. But that is what she got.

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Stevie Wonder Speaks Out About Ferguson & The Garner Verdict


“We Need to Fix This With A Quickness”

Stevland Hardaway Morris also known as Stevie Wonder spoke the words below at a recent concert in Seattle. At the beginning of a rendition of his 1973 hit … Read More

Eric Garner Protests in New York in Photos


Protests Grow in New York

Photos chronicle the growing protests in New York over the Grand Jury verdict decision clearing a New York police officer in the chokehold death of Eric Garner. #icantbreathe

See President Obama’s comments on the Eric … Read More

Hundreds Arrested in New York As Protests Over Eric Garner Grand Jury Verdict Grow


Thousands Protest in New York and Across the Nation

Scores across America chant “I Can’t Breathe”

From New York, Atlanta, Washington, DC to San Francisco  growing numbers of protesters filled the streets to express … Read More