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Stevie Wonder Speaks Out About Ferguson & The Garner Verdict


“We Need to Fix This With A Quickness”

Stevland Hardaway Morris also known as Stevie Wonder spoke the words below at a recent concert in Seattle. At the beginning of a rendition of his 1973 hit … Read More

Lupita Nyong’o Gives Emotional Speech at Women’s Conference


Lupita Captivates at Massachusetts Conference for Women

Lupita Nyong’o was one of the keynote speakers at the Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston recently. The Massachusetts Conference for Women provides connection, motivation, networking, … Read More

Eric Garner Protests in New York in Photos


Protests Grow in New York

Photos chronicle the growing protests in New York over the Grand Jury verdict decision clearing a New York police officer in the chokehold death of Eric Garner. #icantbreathe

See President Obama’s comments on the Eric … Read More

Hundreds Arrested in New York As Protests Over Eric Garner Grand Jury Verdict Grow


Thousands Protest in New York and Across the Nation

Scores across America chant “I Can’t Breathe”

From New York, Atlanta, Washington, DC to San Francisco  growing numbers of protesters filled the streets to express … Read More

New Film “Black or White” Starring Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer


New Film “Black or White”

There’s a new film entitled “Black or White starring Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer. From the trailer, it seems like the well-worn tale of the angry, embittered elder forced to care for a … Read More

Renee Bull, Miss Delaware Talks About Her Inspiration


Renee Bull, First African American Miss Delaware

Renee Bull holds the title Miss Delaware. Recently she spoke to WDDE about her win and inspirations.

According to WDDE: Renee Bull is the first African American to … Read More

This 7 Year Old Entreprenuer Has Created The Ultimate Hair Barrette, Gabby Bows


Gabby Bows Will Fix Your Hair Woes

Gabby Bows are inventive hair barrettes created by 7 year Gabby Goodwin (pictured above). The inspiration was her own frustration with keeping her braided styles neatly done. From Invented by … Read More

Watch Somi’s “Brown Round Things”


Somi’s “Brown Round Things”

An MBL friend and favorite, Somi has had a wonderful 2014. Earlier this year she released her first major-label album, The Lagos Music Salon, in the United States. It quickly rose to #1 on the … Read More

Lifetime’s Whitney Houston Film Releases First Look Photos


Angela Bassett Directs Whitney Houston Film for Lifetime

Lifetime released the first images of the Whitney Houston film, Whitney, directed by Angela Bassett. The film premieres January 17, 2015 at 8pm EST. Recently other Lifetime biopics or True … Read More

Get to Know Sofar Sounds, Bianca Gerald’s Ethereal Voice and More!



Sofar or “Songs from a room” is a music discovery community which started in a small flat in London in 2009. Now, there are Sofar performances in cities throughout the world. You can also host … Read More