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Defining Your Place in Life – What is the Best City For You Now?


Defining Your Place in Life – What is the Best City For You Now?

As we grow and change as women and different circumstances and life experiences shape our lives, the places that we have the urge to … Read More

Teaching English in Europe – My Personal Experience

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How I Taught English In Europe

By Dahlia Nethersole

Looking for work in Europe can be a daunting process.  Having a particular talent or skill that is in demand could land you the right … Read More

Holi Festival of Colors Welcomes Spring in India and Around the World


The Holi Festival Welcomes Spring……

And we need it!

Across the East in America, we have had a brutal winter. The Polar Vortex has brought the deep freeze to many. Bone chilling single digit … Read More

Live The Dream – Spain Is Giving Away An Entire Town, For FREE!!


The Spanish Dream

I’m sure your mother explained to you, nothing in life is ever truly free. But if you understand economics and happen to have enough cash and time to renovate a few amazing old properties, this … Read More

A First Kiss in Bangkok – My South East Asian Travel Story


Bangkok Dreams

By Lindsay C.

I lived in Southeast Asia for two years. In the thick heat of Bangkok I road a motorcycle taxi to work, indulged in spicy noodles day and … Read More

Semester At Sea – A Great Learning Experience More Young Women Should Explore


Semester At Sea 

By Lindsay C.

Imagine strolling through the winding stone streets of an European city, trekking through the lush jungles of Burma, or embarking on a voyage along the Caribbean. It might … Read More

The MBL Guide to How To Travel Right and Often


How To Travel Better

By Lindsay C.

The calendar has just rung in a new year. With that come New Year resolutions, new adventures, and new trips for the holidays. Unfortunately, it … Read More

Where to Take Your Shoe Fetish? Study Tours: 5 Shoe Lovers’ Spots in Florence


Study Tours: 5 Shoe Lovers’ Spots in Florence

Florence, and the surrounding region, is home to Italy’s leather artisans. You owe it to yourself to visit a few temples of fine Italian footwear while in town—and worship.

Palazzo Buondelmonti … Read More

Are There Free Medical Schools For Dedicated Students? – Look to Cuba!

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By Guest Author – Lorraine Spencer

I have known about the Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina (ELAM) for quite some time and thought that American students no longer qualified until my good friend Adrianne George Lund posted a link. In English, … Read More

New Reality Show Casting African American Women For An European Adventure


Go West  Young Ladies!

Casting Call City: Any City State: National


Do you feel you can’t find love in … Read More