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Syd’s List – Surfing Off the Coast of Morocco with Moor’s

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Do they Surf in Africa? You Betcha!


The ancient Hawaiian tradition of “he’e nalu”, meaning “wave-sliding” provide the first known occurrences of surfing. Modern day references to surfing would surely highlight the surfing communities … Read More

Travel The World, Live in Other Cities, Learn Cultures


At MBL, we are strong supporters of the idea, you control and make your own destiny. Below is a great post about travel and learning from others. I know that many will write back they can not afford … Read More

My Life Abroad – An Ex-Pat’s Road To Teaching Among the Alps


Life Among The Alps – To Move, Live and Work in Switzerland

By Kim Hemans

Three years ago, I made the decision to live and teach abroad.  My cousin, who is married to a … Read More

The Mystery of Cape Verde – An American View on Life on the Archipelago


The Mystery of Cape Verde

By Ann Brown

I recently read an anonymous quote that said “Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places.” In short, this is how I came to … Read More

The Magic of Thailand from My Savvy Traveller


Savvy Destinations

Sunset Hill Resort in Thailand’s Magical Koh Phangan

Words: Zehra Fattah

Having arrived at Koh Samui airport, I could straight away feel the island’s atmosphere. The airport reminded me of a little deserted cottage. Accompanied by the … Read More

From Brazil With Love – Insight Into the Lives of Black Women in Brazil


Bella, Oh Bella Brazil

By Daniela Gomes

Daniela Gomes, a Brazilian activist/journalist/scholar speaks to us about the country she knows and loves.

MBL: In America, we know little … Read More