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This 7 Year Old Entreprenuer Has Created The Ultimate Hair Barrette, Gabby Bows


Gabby Bows Will Fix Your Hair Woes

Gabby Bows are inventive hair barrettes created by 7 year Gabby Goodwin (pictured above). The inspiration was her own frustration with keeping her braided styles neatly done. From Invented by … Read More

White Women, Black Hairstyles


White Women, Black Hairstyles 

By David Rosenberg

From Slate: It almost sounds like the opening line to a joke: A young black woman takes a bunch of middle-aged white women who she doesn’t know in Woodstock, … Read More

Touch A Black Woman’s Hair Today! – Live in Union Square!

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Yes You Can Touch A Black Woman’s Hair – Live Event!

Presented by Antonia Opia of, the following event in Union Square encourages people to touch and feel three different states of black womens hair.

Such a simple thing, … Read More

“You Sho’ is Ugly” – Breaking the Cycle of Colorism


Ugly is as Ugly does

Most of us recognize the iconic line uttered by Shug Avery’s character upon seeing Celie in “The Color Purple”.  As black women we are all aware of the emotional damage caused … Read More

6 Great Products for Your Natural Hair Journey


6 Great Products for your natural hair journey

So you’ve made the decision to go chemical free. That’s great! Below we have listed some great products to assist you in pampering your natural coils and curls. Of course … Read More