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Project Smile – Promotes Good Dental Health Among Our Youngest Citizens


Project Smile  –  Fostering Good Dental Health From The Start

Brains, CHECK! Beauty, CHECK! Work Ethic, CHECK! Few people can refute the Army’s slogan, “We do more by 9am than most people do all day.”; however, Dr. Misee … Read More

More Black Women Diagnosed With Breast Cancer


Whites still have highest rates, but blacks more likely to die

From WebMD : (HealthDay News) — White women 40 and older have traditionally had the highest rates of breast cancer in the United States, but rising rates … Read More

Meet The 4th Most Innovative Man In The World


A GPS For The Brain

Bertin Nahum is CEO of Medtech, a French company which specializes in robotic surgical assistance that helps guide surgeons, doctors and biologists during biopsies, implants,and general surgery.

Nahum holds a Master … Read More

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Is Going To Make You Live Right!


Back Away From the Big Gulp! 

Your large soda is still not safe, the Mayor continues on his path to ban over-sized beverages.

Mike Bloomberg believes the high obesity rate and overall poor health among urban communities in … Read More

The Waiting Room – America’s Uninsured Wait To Be Seen


And the wait gets longer…..

The number of people without health or medical insurance in America is exploding. President Obama sought to address this issue with the Affordable Care Act.

Much of the Affordable … Read More

Are you eating well? – 5 Easy Flavorful Recipes


Grilled Skirt Steaks with Tomatillos Two Ways

For tomatillo salsa: 4 pasillas de Oaxaca (dried smoked chiles), wiped clean 1 pound fresh tomatillos, husked and rinsed, then quartered 1 cup packed cilantro sprigs 2 garlic cloves 1 tablespoon packed dark brown … Read More

Finding Spirituality and Awareness


Spirituality and Awareness

Thе definition аnd perception оf spirituality iѕ subjective. Today more people are searching for their own personal understanding оf spirituality. This оftеn involves a sense оf a deeper self, оr spirit аnd hоw wе relate … Read More

Areva Martin Speaks to us about Autism Awareness


Understanding Autism

This past April was Autism Awareness Month. Though the media focus has shifted now, I would like to continue the dialogue by sharing my story. As a mother, I have so much on which … Read More

Summer Shape-up Tips! By Top Trainer Richard Love


5 rules to get in shape now, and forever!

By  Richard Love


Set a goal. You most likely have career goals firmly formed in your mind, but you should also have health and fitness goals as well. … Read More