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natural hair

This 7 Year Old Entreprenuer Has Created The Ultimate Hair Barrette, Gabby Bows


Gabby Bows Will Fix Your Hair Woes

Gabby Bows are inventive hair barrettes created by 7 year Gabby Goodwin (pictured above). The inspiration was her own frustration with keeping her braided styles neatly done. From Invented by … Read More

20 Hilarious Natural Hair Memes


Our Favorite Natural Hair Memes

Let’s treat ourselves to some humor therapy, and laugh at these relatable natural hair memes! You may find these very familiar.





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Kathleen Cleaver Breaks Down Natural Hair and Skin Bleaching in 1968


Activist Kathleen Cleaver Breaks Down Natural Hair in 1968

The direction towards natural hair was a corollary of the civil rights movement in the late 60’s. The concept of self love and acceptance of our unique differences … Read More

How To Nurture Your Natural Curl Pattern


How To Improve Your Curls

By Lindsay C.

Let your hair reign! The fascination with natural hair has grown into a movement of celebrities showing their real hair and bloggers swapping inspirational … Read More