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The Power of Someone Believing in You


The Power of Someone Believing in You by Jelisa Jay Robinson     There is this quote: “Everything that I am and everything that I hope to be, I owe to my mother.”  A mother’s belief is a powerful driving force that has ignited the brightest of flames.  … Read More

Living Single: 5 Ways to Enjoy Life While Riding Solo


Living Single: 5 Ways to Enjoy Life While Riding Solo

By E. Wilson

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been celebrating my 27th birthday with family, friends, and coworkers. In the midst of impromptu birthday parties and vacation, … Read More

The “300 Sandwiches Book” – You Knew It Was Coming and We “Ain’t Mad at Her”!

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The Book You All Saw Coming is Almost Here

We say, well played and Bravo! We were not one of those laughing AT the author, because we know which side the bread is buttered ON!

300 Sandwiches, A Ring, A Blonde and A Salivating Audience

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Hooked with a sandwich?

By Eva Keane

Recently, beautiful NY Post writer, Stephanie Smith shared her romantic culinary journey of preparing 300 sandwiches for her beau…..and the “internets” went wild!

You all know it did!

The NY … Read More

In The New Brazil, Women are On The Rise


Brazil, Oh Bela Brazil

As time rushes towards the upcoming Olympics of 2016, Brazil is booming and so is its middle class. Brazil is poised to show a very different face to the world.

Beautified, sanitized … Read More

Til Death Do Us Part……Or Until I Get Tired Of You!


A Christian questions modern love

By Blair Nash

You can’t squeeze toothpaste back in the tube – OR CAN YOU?

With over ½ of married couples eventually splitting for good…divorce has become a widespread reality. US … Read More

Raise The Bar! – “He’s Not That Bad….Right”?


Dr. Deign gives you advice your mother won’t! He’s not that bad … Right?

“He works. He doesn’t cheat … He doesn’t abuse me … and ummm …” She bites her lower lip, scrunches her nose a little, … Read More

An Oversimplification of Her Beauty


Simply Beautiful Visuals

We can not tell you how much we longed for beautiful poignant stories of black relationships on  the large screen. Has there been a black rom-com or … Read More

Friends & Lovers – How To Make Love Work


How We Do It!

This is our platform to showcase all the lovers, friends, husbands and wives who are comfortable in their unions. They share their views on how they have made love work for them. Check back … Read More

Where to find a man – Upgrade Your Love Life!


Upgrade Your Love Life!

Summer is near and our thoughts turn to love, or did they ever leave it? Anyhoo, here is our take on the best places to find a love just in time for … Read More