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MBL Speaks to Gina Abercrombie Winstanley Ambassador to Malta

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Ambassador Winstanley Shares Her Insights on Life and Career

By DeNeen Attard

Women of color are excelling in a variety of careers in spectacular locations around the world. One such woman is Ms. Gina … Read More

21 More Middle Class Problems – The Brit Version


A bit of humor for the day from Buzz Feed UK Some of these are priceless…but just for the Foodies “Arrrghh, my bechemel won’t thicken” had me holding my sides in tears 1.




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Finding Spirituality and Awareness


Spirituality and Awareness

Thе definition аnd perception оf spirituality iѕ subjective. Today more people are searching for their own personal understanding оf spirituality. This оftеn involves a sense оf a deeper self, оr spirit аnd hоw wе relate … Read More

When Nichelle Nichols Met Her Greatest Fan


Groundbreaking Actress Nichelle Nichols on PBS’s MAKERS

Most well known for her role as communications officer Lieutenant Uhura aboard the USS Enterprise in the popular Star Trek television series, as well as the succeeding motion pictures. Her Star Trek character was groundbreaking in … Read More

Areva Martin Speaks to us about Autism Awareness


Understanding Autism

This past April was Autism Awareness Month. Though the media focus has shifted now, I would like to continue the dialogue by sharing my story. As a mother, I have so much on which … Read More

Workplace Hell! How to deal with difficult co-workers


How to Deal With Difficult Co-Workers

Working with people whо аrе rude, manipulative or emotionally un-balanced can create an extremely stressful workplace. The modern workplace is an integral part of our lives. Those of us who have slated … Read More

Maret Tsarnaev and the Psychology of Oppression


Auntie Maret, I Know You Well!

Maret Tsarnaev, aunt of the accused Boston marathon bombing suspects gave a series of emotionally overwrought interviews following her nephews’ identification as prime suspects in the horrific terrorist act which left three … Read More